15 May 2009

Angels & Demons Book Giveaway

Dear Me,

I have actually read all of
Dan Brown's book and this is another of my favorite. I am also looking forward to watching the movie version of this book, which is actually surprising considering I abhor books-turned-to-movies in general.

Anyway, if you haven't read it yet or you just want to own one, SM Cinemas is giving away 20 copies of the Dan Brown book, Angels & Demons.

Who plays the role of Robert Landon in the movie, Angels & Demons?

Simply answer that question and send an email to together with your name, age, address and contact details with the subject: SM CINEMAS ANGELS & DEMONS PROMO.

This promo will run from May 1-22, 2009.

Book Synopsis:

Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is shocked to find proof that the legendary secret society, the Illuminati-- dedicated since the time of Galileo to promoting the interests of science and condemning the blind faith of Catholicism--is alive, well, and murderously active. Brilliant physicist Leonardo Vetra has been murdered, his eyes plucked out, and the society's ancient symbol branded upon his chest. His final discovery, antimatter, the most powerful and dangerous energy source known to man, has disappeared--only to be hidden somewhere beneath Vatican City on the eve of the election of a new pope. Langdon and Vittoria, Vetra's daughter and colleague, embark on a frantic hunt through the streets, churches, and catacombs of Rome, following a 400-year-old trail to the lair of the Illuminati, to prevent the incineration of civilization.


  1. Though this book does not receive a good rating from book critics. I still love it together with Da Vinci Code. I read both books. And watched the Da Vinci in theater also when I was still in the Philippines. And I'm eager to watch Angels and Demons ... but guess I'll just wait for the DVD. Mahal kasi sa moviehouse =) dito sa Toronto.

    Thanks for droppin in my site.

  2. i joined this and i so hope i win...especially now that i have seen the movie!!!

  3. seems like this one will be a lot more exciting/action filled than DaVinci Code

  4. Sorry that last post was me.

    I have this audio book, I'm going to listen to it with my husband(we did that with The da Vinci Code as well).

    I actually didn't think that the movie The da Vinci Code was so bad. But in general my opinion is that the book is always better than the film.

  5. It's nice that you have spots in your blog for such contests...very informative indeed! I was looking for the details of one contest, and fortunately, I found them here.

  6. I hope I win the contest, it's been ages since I read a book. But I'm definitely watching Angels & Demons :)

    Everything Nice!

  7. Aww, I'm too late for the contest. I haven't read the book yet so I was wishing that I could own a copy. I have read Da Vinci Code, but am curious of this book, I might as well watch the movie instead. :)

    Momhood Moments - Maricel


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