Thursday, May 14, 2009

Philippine Science Centrum Invites Everyone

Dear Me,

Late last month, I received prior notification-slash-invite from the
Philippine Science Centrum as it open its doors to the public for free this coming weekend.

Established on February 1, 1990, the Philippine Science Centrum is the first interactive science center museum in the country.

To celebrate
International Museum Day, it enjoins bloggers and internet writers to Visit The Science Centrum For FREE on May 16, Friday and check out the latest additions to the country's first interactive science museum.

I'm actually excited for I love visiting museums of any sort. I have visited this place once when it was still located near the vicinity of my alma mater in
UP Manila. It was different back then and with years that passed by, I am sure that a lot of things has changed and the place has more fantastic and interesting to offer. I will be bringing my little boy along so he can see it for himself. :)

If you're up to it, registration starts at 2:00pm. A guided tour starts at 3:00pm to be followed by a short Q&A session with the people in charge of the PSC.

Bring back memories of grade school and high school field trips. Have fun while relearning basic principles of science. Help promote science appreciation among Filipinos.

To inquire and/or reserve slots, email your name and your URL to

Philippine Science Centrum
E-Com Bldg., Riverbanks Center, Barangka, Marikina City
T#: 942-5136


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