Saturday, May 30, 2009

PhotoHunt: Books

Dear Me,

I'm posting this kinda late since my brother just arrived from overseas. But I can't forego the theme for this week.

It's Saturday and BOOKS are my favorite! Here's my
PhotoHunt entry. :)

This is just one of my shelves. It's not yet full but will soon be since I haven't stack the books I bought for the past few weeks.

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Upcountrysmiles said...

Aloha from Maui, HI

Very nice home bookshelf!
Happy photohunting to you.
Come by & visit:)
Cindy O

Heart of Rachel said...

You have a lovely collection of books. I admire how neatly they are arranged.

Ria said...

i don't doubt your love of books :-) we've plurked a lot about it in the past! see you around! mine's up in my other site today,

☆Willa☆ said...

that's really a lot of books!!

Tara R. said...

Your bookcase looks a lot like mine - books staked two deep.

srp said...

Now, I don't feel like a book hoarder... so many people have shelves that look like mine! My books are up here.

austenfan said...

Your books are so tidy! I'm envious! I just stack mine up wherever I could. haha.

Frances said...

thanks for visiting. I've been very busy lately. I'll keep you guys in mind for the next PH. :)

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