Sunday, May 31, 2009

Celebrating My Birthday With Cookies & Cream

Dear Me,

I am not sure if this entry will make the deadline but just the same, I want to tell you how I spent my day. You see, it is my birthday today and we just got home from the mall an hour before the clock strikes twelve midnight.

Aside from celebrating my birthday, my younger brother just arrived from overseas. We went shopping and dined to our hearts' content. We were so full.

It is so rare these days that we all get together to share a meal or even have a small talk. I miss the old days when we can just holler and everybody will come around and join the fun. Simply, I just treasure the limited time we have. For me, it is a special bonding I want to commit forever in my memory. Being with my family for a simple dinner means a lot. No matter how busy we are, the family remains my top priority.

To cap the day, we took home
Red Ribbon's Cookies & Cream cake. I told them how much I love this cake. It's just so good and tasty for my taste - not too sweet nor too bland.

I think that no matter how old we get, we have to be thankful for the things we are blessed with. Life these days isn't so easy and I think we need to celebrate life's simple yet beautiful moments by being together and loving one another!

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Nicola said...

Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time, and that cake looks delish! Wish you could ship a piece here ;-)

sumthinblue said...

Happy Birthday Fran Dear :)

Edelweiza Mabalay said...

happy birthday ivan! God bless you! :)

Frances said...

When you visit here, I'll give you a sweet treat! :)

thanks for the greetings.

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