Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Helpful Tips When Shopping

Dear Me,

I realized that I have been spending a lot of my weekends in various shopping malls around the metro. Tagging my little boy along, I find it hard not to wander around and check what are the latest arrivals.

Even though I have no plans of purchasing anything, I always end up with a shopping bag. The impulse was just too strong to ignore. I remembered shopping for another bag last week at
Trinoma. I just happened to pass by and this bag caught my attention. I stopped and checked it out. I didn't have any further need to buy a new one but I bought it. I was attracted to how pretty it would looked once I donned it.

While paying for it, I got to think how many girls had lined up in the cashier and paid for something that they didn't actually need. I was sure that I wouldn't be able to count them all in a day. No wonder why malls thrive despite the so-called economic crisis.

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With the thought lingering in my mind, I jotted down some ideas that I had in a tissue paper.

  1. Try hard not to buy on an impulse. I know how difficult it can be. I, myself, shop on an impulse. Beginning today, I would think of a very important reason not to purchase anything just because I like it. Maybe, the idea of making myself guilty will help. For example, a new bag or a bag of diapers for my little boy? Which will I choose? Hehehe.

  2. Compare price and quality. I think this will be a great help. Don't just grab a beautiful item and dash to the cashier to pay for it. Look around for the same item of different brands and compare them with each other when it comes to value and price. Surely, it would be such a lucky day to spend less for the same item, don't you think? :)

  3. Do the QA thing. To detain you from shopping something right away, put in mind that that sexy top may have loose stitches. Check and inspect the item before you let the bagger pack that lovely top in the shopping bag.

  4. Leave the plastic behind. With only a thin wad of bills in your purse, you would absolutely not be able to pay for all the charming dresses or lovely blouses that you grabbed from the racks. From that pile of silky soft clothes clinging to your arms, you are forced to choose a few or even just a piece that will suit your sorely meager budget.

  5. Impulse Shopping Limit. I know that it sounds totally absurd. How can you control something when it is impulse dictating you? Hmm. It is a given that you are in a (regular) mood of impulse-buying. In this case, better (early) acquaint your rational mind in setting a peso-limit to your shopping spree to prevent sabotaging your monthly living budget.

The thing is, it is very difficult to resist the temptation of buying something we don't need especially if we have the cash and the credit card to vouch for our purchasing power. In this persistent economic condition, I think it is just wise for us girls to be smart shoppers. :)


~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Great tips Fran. This list should be read by thousands of impulse buyers out there... But then again, malls will go bankcrupt if people will spend frugally.

Everything Nice!

Kwagoo said...

Hi! These are great tips.. :D I am now a victim of shopping - I spend beyond my budget!..

When I shop, I'd usually keep an item I like in mind, together with its price and details. If it still bothers me having not bought it, I'd consider going back - but usually by then, I'm not so crazy about getting it anymore. :D

Adi said...

Hey Cheskie (lol),

You know, I am ΓΌber glad, glad, glad that this phase of my life is finally over. I have now learned how to say, "no, No, NO!" to these people who try to sell me all sorts of stuff and would just like me to exchange my money for some eventual junk that will just be an added festoon to my tiny apartment.

How did I know that juncture is finally over?

About 2-3 weeks ago (and I knew by then I had some extra money to spare for anything that I'd like to buy), while I was at the mall in Alabang, I came across this shop that sells this pair of oh-so-good-looking-and-lovely sneakers, not to mention that IT WAS ON SALE!~ I ran towards the shoes as quick as I could, touched it, adored and inspected it. Right after that I asked the sales lady to get me a pair my size. However, from the time I ran into the shop until the time I asked the lady to get THE shoes for me, there was this loud, nagging voice inside my head that was telling me I still have too many sneakers yet to be exploited. Not that I easily gave in. =p Although I still tried the shoes on but I told the lady I shall be back in the store, I just need to go around the mall.

Funny thing was, right after I left the store, the urge to buy those sneaks just flew off the window. Haha.

Frances said...

@BADET, I definitely agree. Self-control is such a virtue that is hard to acquire. Hehehe.

@KWAGOO, same here but when I go to the mall, I usually think of buying something in particular. Unfortunately, I always end up shopping for a lot of stuff and the one that I was supposed to buy was nowhere in my shopping bag. *shakes her head*

@ADI, I think that strategy works for me, too. I mean not readily rushing the favored item to the cashier. "My feelings" for that I-want-to-buy-that-pretty-stuff seem to wane whenever I decide to hold on to it till I find a similar item.

ivyeclairs said...

as for me, I try to avoid the malls and allot a day in a month for shopping purposes and bring only enough amount to avoid overspending. This way, I can look forward to my 'shopping day' and truly enjoy it.

Frances said...

@IVYECLAIRS, you can avoid the malls? I can't help myself taking a peek and I always step out with a bunch of purchases. Great self-control! :)

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