Thursday, July 9, 2009

KFC Mini Bucket Photo Contest

Dear Me,

Let me tell you how my love story with
KFC began. You see, I'm a french fries-aholic. It was a not-so-fine-day for me back in college. I got a not-so-good-result from my no-so-interesting-major-subject. I labored through the exam days ago and all I got was an unsatisfactory grade. Anyway, I went to the nearby diner to wallow my frustration munching french fries heavily dipped in thick mayo. When I got there, the diner was closed...indefinitely. Of all days, it chose to go on renovation.

From where I stood, I looked around and two blocks away, I saw a newly-opened branch of KFC. Honestly, I haven't dined in any of their branches.

I thought of checking it out since there was no other food establishment in sight. I ordered french fries, spaghetti and coleslaw. I instantly loved their french fries and coleslaw. To prove that I found it to my liking, I ordered them again for take-out.

Anyway, I just learned that
KFC has recently introduced their Mini Bucket of Fries. Just days ago, I was able to try this mini bucket of crispy fries. Truth to be told, I was still craving for more because it was just so tasty and munchy. The mini bucket was simply not enough for me. I wonder if they will have a biggie bucket of fries?! Hehehe.

Also, to show their appreciation (to french fries-aholics and others),
KFC is inviting everyone to participate in their KFC Mini Bucket of Fries Photo Contest.

Just take a snapshot of you and your buddies enjoying the mouth-watering mini bucket of fries and upload it in the appointed site complete with a jargon and brief description.

The Grand Prize:
  • One year supply of KFC (365 pieces of KFC Gift Certificates for 2-Piece Chicken valid for one year from the date of issuance)

Consolation Prizes:
  • 5 units of Samsung C3053

Hmm. It's only limited to the chicken meal? For one year, all 365 days? I'm sure I'll be cackling like a hen if ever. But then, free is free!

The duration of this photo contest will run till midnight of August 21, 2009.

For the over-all mechanics, please head on to the
KFC Mini Bucket of Fries Promo Contest site.


Kwagoo said...

I saw this same promo from another site. It's really interesting, but come to think of it, 365 coupons for 2 piece chicken meals makes me think that I'm going to end up clucking by the end of that period. Haha

But it's a good idea if you want to treat friends and office mates out.

Frances said...

@KWAGOO, now you gave me an idea about sharing this for a treat! Just can't think of enjoying that chicken mean all by myself. :)

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