27 September 2009

Bayanihan Spirit Sparks Again Because Of Typhoon Ondoy

Dear Me,

Despite the gripping and terrifying circumstances brought by
Typhoon Ondoy in the metro, I couldn't help but smile and be proud of being a Filipino.

The tropical storm's wrath has bonded us Filipinos once again against helplessness and adversity. The bayanihan spirit lives on!

Yesterday, I was all glued in front of my laptop and getting updated online.
Facebook served as my primary news reporter. Just by reading and viewing updates from everyone, I was kept in the loop and majority of the time, I felt tensed and frightened. Goosebumps all over.

Before, people would just post reports of their experiences as they waded through the flood. Then, they would plea for help for someone. It was just a matter of hours and the next thing I was reading, people from the online community were gathering and organizing data of victims needing assistance and rescues as well as contacting various government/non-government/private organizations for mobilizations.

Such indomitable spirit!

Meantime, I would love to volunteer to help but with no reliable person to look out for my little boy while I'm away, I simply couldn't. There are ways I can help and donating is one of them. I think I have lots of old clothes to give away. Time to rummage my closets!


  1. Hi Ivan,

    I was very worried for you and a friend when I heard this news.

    I am glad to hear that you are safe. Now I am just worried about my friend who was there for a week for his yearly break. He works in Singapore and its just unfortunate that this befalls on the week that he is there.

    Do keep me updated. Stay safe..

  2. @SHAI, I agree. :)

    @NOI, oh my. I guess it's wrong timing. I hope he is ok.

  3. if there is one thing positive that came out of the typhoon ondoy is the love and bayanihan spirit :) i hope that apathy will not return to the hearts of the Filipino people!


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