Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Krispy Kreme Chronicle

Dear Me,

When the craze for
Krispy Kreme hit the country by storm, I just gave a shrug. I guessed I was not bitten by the bug then.

Well, who was I to let that sweet thing passed me by? Maybe at first but not for long. Hehehe.

I had my first sweet bite when I joined the
Greatest Chocolate Show on Earth early this year.

After being glazed with friends, there came a new offering for the sweetest mom ever.

apple cheesecake doughnuts

Between the glazed ones and the apple cheesecake, I love the latter! :)

Midyear, purple reigns while Krispy Kreme glazed
Pinoy Yahoo! users. Called the Yahoo! Purple Hunt, users hunt for the hottest gadgets.

purple doughnut

Glazed with purple icing and candy sprinkles, these doughnuts presented a catchy sense of rich confections of moist chocolate cake. I bought a box when I joined the hunt because I love purple. Unfortunately, I am not fond of candy crinkles. Hehehe.

Last July 13, the world's best loved doughnuts celebrated its six (6) dozen years by making the day special through holding a one-day fan appreciation event.

To continually celebrate their 72nd birthday, Krispy Kreme is searching for their #1 fan!

Whoever that #1 fan is, he/she will surely get a chance to win a trip for two to the USA, a year's supply of doughnuts and a chance to design a special Krispy Kreme doughnut and have it named after himself/herself. Sounds awesome to me!

Teaming up with the country's favorite chocolate cookie,
Oreo, here comes the newest confectionary craze: the Oreo-made Chocolate Kreme Cakes. Covered with a rich chocolate glaze, this moist choco cake is topped with either a choice of vanilla or chocolate kreme, which is generously sprinkled with OREO cookies.

It sounds so sinful but I tell you, I'm sure you are going to love it as much as I had my first bite! Yumyum. *winks*

Early this month, Krispy Kreme launched their latest sweet offering: the
Snickers Doughnut. They topped their original signature doughnuts and chocolate cakes with nuts and not just any nuts but loads of Snickers chocolate!

Snickers is a chocolate bar that consists of peanut butter nougat topped with roasted peanuts and caramel and covered with milk chocolate. It is one of my favorite chocolate and I know it will give me another sweet fix!

I am looking forward to another sugary high!


Ria said... seems like you made up for the long wait before giving in to the kk craze!!!

Francesca Ivy said...

@RIA, some things are really worth the long wait daw talaga. No matter how hard you shrug them off or ignore the craze, sooner or later you'll find yourself hooked to it...hahaha!

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