Monday, September 7, 2009

Blame The Rain

Dear Me,

Heavy rain and strong winds; such a powerful combination that casts a somber mood. I don't really like the wet season except when I was a little younger. I used to play in the rain and catch the water through my small pail, which I would splashed over my head. Well, those were the days.

As a grown-up, I relate rainy days to gloomy days. The pattering of the rain either on the roof, window pane or merely down the ground gives a sense of desolation.

To chase the blues away, I turn to food for comfort. Usually, I would prepare a bowl of hot soup with toasted bread to perk up my dismal self. But today, I had a serving of instant pansit canton with calamansi. I also had a hot mug of black coffee to go with it.

That plateful was equivalent to two packs of instant noodles. One pack would not suffice my stomach's craving. *winks*


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