Sunday, September 6, 2009

Papelmeroti Giveaway

Dear Me,

I have always been a fan and collector of
Papelmeroti products especially the stationeries, notebooks and the cute memo pads. For me, treasuring them mean not writing on them. But later on, I realized that using them as pads for messages to good friends was fun. The thought jotted down was more appreciated (I think) because of the paper I wrote them on.

Papelmeroti, the famous handmade paper store in the Philippines is having an online promo!

Up for grabs are:

(1) an entrepreneur book entitled
"Go Negosyo: Joey Concepcion's 55 Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs" and

(2) a
FREE Papelmeroti notebook.

To be eligible for the book prize:
  1. Link up with the Papelmeroti page utilizing various personal social networking sites (facebook, friendster, myspace, christianster, twitter, etc).

  2. Post a comment including the links to those social networking sites (where you posted #1) and email address.

  3. Make sure those sites can be viewed publicly.

To qualify for the notebook prize:
  1. Print out the social networking page where the link was posted.

  2. Bring the said print-out to the Papelmeroti Glorietta 3 branch.

  3. Pick one from any of the three (3) notebook designs.

Eligibility for the GO NEGOSYO book: worldwide

Eligibility for the Papelmeroti notebook: Metro Manila participants only

Promo Deadline: 10:30 AM, Sept. 15, 2009 (Tuesday)

A book and a notebook seem to be a perfect combination as you mapped your ideas about setting up your own business. :)


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