Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jollibee's Newest Treat

Dear Me,

I wasn't really a
Jollibee fan. Among the fast-food stores around the metro, I still favor McDo (grown to love it dating back during my university days) and KFC.

I added Jollibee in my list when my little boy "seemed" to love their sweet spaghetti and yum burger. I don't want him to eat fast-food on a daily basis but there are times that he will only open his mouth if he sees Jollibee.

The point is, I come to love Jollibee now. I love their burgers and chicken because they're not bland and dry (well, most of the time).

I wasn't aware of Jollibee's latest addition in their menu:
Chicken Barbecue. Hubby brought one home for me to have a taste test.

At first, I was sort of adamant to taste it since I wasn't fond of chicken barbecues for they only normally taste good on the outside and utterly dry inside.

I guess it is a hit and miss when tasting for the first time the latest food offering off the menu. Sometimes it will be a sure-fire hit or simply such a put-down. In my case, the first time was the former.
I love this Chicken Barbecue from Jollibee!

I loved it because:
  • the chicken served was bigger in size than the usual.

  • it was grilled in a way that the chicken skin was charred to be tastier and not burnt to be bitter.

  • the chicken meat was tender and juicy inside which surprised me. I deduced that it was marinated long enough for the seasoned mixture to seep in thus capturing the flavor.

  • if you couldn't get enough from the chicken barbecue itself, part of the meal was a savory dip of thick barbecue sauce.

  • the java rice that came with it did not disappoint me. It did not only boast of its bright color but also complemented the yummy taste of chicken barbecue.

I just realize that I will be contented and looking forward when we enter Jollibee. Happiness will not only be seen in my little boy's eyes but mine, too! :)

price for 1-pc & 2-pc chicken barbecue meals


Badet said...

The first time I tried this, nagustuhan ko rin sya. But taste and quality seem to differ with branches... kaya 50-50 talaga yung judgment ko dito. =)

rochellesychua said...

I still prefer chickenjoy :)

Francesca Ivy said...

@Badet, I think you're right how your ordered chix bbq will differ amongst branches. Let's just hope we won't be disappointed every time we order. :)

@roch, I like their chickenjoy,too. Kahit walang gravy. :p

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

too sweet...

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