Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Little Book Lover

Dear Me,

When my little boy,
Miguel, is awake, it is either he plays with his toys, watch his buddies like Barney, Bob, Dora and Roary or browse his books.

One day, I was busy tending to Cafe Ivianka (in Cafe World) while he plays with his new toy cars. From where I was standing, I could see him so preoccupied. As he drove his toy cars in my direction, I loosened a bit (at his age, he is pretty naughty and tends to get into situations where he can get himself hurt).

When I checked on him again (he was behind me; I was standing while he was in the floor), I found him so quiet and...busy.

he managed to bring down all his books
from his shelf to the floor

browsing his books

checking out Barney

decided that it wasn't Barney day

checking out if browsing trucks would be interesting

trucks were more interesting than Barney

I used flash when I shot these photos. He sensed the flash and looked back where I was. I resumed my position and pretended unaware. I tried hard not to laugh so I wouldn't be caught in the act. Hehehe.

I was not able to take shots of him facing the camera because I preferred not to disturb him. I candidly snap shots of him while he was doing his thing.

As his mom and being a book lover, I want him to grow up with books.
We can travel together and enjoy the wonderful world of knowledge and excitement. :)


jeni said...

wala na akong masabi. very nice. mas okay nga na candid ang shots

Francesca Ivy said...

@jeni, thanks. Right now, he's singing ala-opera. Daig ang mudra!

claire said...

your baby is gonna be a passionate bookworm like you.. :)
your miguel has something in common with my Kyle & Kian.. they all like books about big trucks!!

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