Friday, October 2, 2009

Laura Freeman's Somersault Season

Dear Me,

My little boy is turning two in a three days. I noticed how fast he grows up. He moves with such alertness and never seems to get tired. He is so bouncy.

Miguel loves to sing and dance. Whenever he hears music, his body gets attuned to it. It was such fun to see him do incredible stuff.

Anyway, I am looking for new kiddie music compilation that he will also love to groove into. He is still into the
Barney and Baby Einstein stuff kind of music. I would like to expand his 'repertoire,' so to speak. Hehehe.

As I was looking around the internet, I discovered
Somersault Season by Laura Freeman.

Want to act like a Monster?
Sing like Frankenstein?
Slide down a Glacier?
Listen to these action songs
that keep kids busy all year long.
March, shake and skate through the seasons.

Themed about the various seasons and the changes they bring, Somersault Season seems like "to keep busy active bodies moving all year long."

This sounds like a perfect dance collection for my little boy. :)

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