Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bookish Presents This Season

With the festive holidays just around the corner, I was drawn to hunting items any booklover would surely be pleased to covet for herself/himself.

Here are my gorgeous picks:

Got Dr. Seuss' ideas?
Journal with the original pages of the book
c/o openbooks

recycled notebook for your bookish ideas with
affirmation from Thomas Jefferson c/o ivylanedesigns

set of 18 personalized self-adhesive bookplates
c/o StephanieFizer

set of 24 non-adhesive bookplates c/o sweetlylovely

stylish floral Swarovski bookmark c/o SunSignDesigns

mini bookmark for the catty bibliophile c/o tigerpixie

scrabble tile paperclip bookmark
with an Asian twist c/o SquishySushi

a mid-1900s pillow for your little one, perhaps?
c/o JunqueinTheTrunque

original painting to be hung in your
home's library c/o summerart

necklace with a bookshelf pendant c/o SweetStella

book earrings as fashion statement?
c/o ALikelyStory

charm bracelet for a librarian?
c/o ALikelyStory

another charm bracelet for every booklover
c/o ALikelyStory

Honestly, I would love to have them all for myself. :)


Jaky Astik said...

Hi Francesca, your first follower is here. See on your sidebar. Am following you now :)

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