Saturday, March 27, 2010

Creative Use For A Jollibee Bucket

Dear Me,

I am surprised how fast my little boy is growing up. He is so imaginative of things around him. He can make things so interesting even he is only playing by himself. Sometimes, I wished I had given birth to twins so he could had someone to play with.

Anyway, I was reading a book last night when my little boy called me. When I looked at him, this was what I saw:

Yes! He was sitting in this little toy wagon with his feet inside it. I sort of freaked out because there was a possibility he would lose his balance considering his weight and the wagon's ability to hold him. Also, he was moving himself in it by pushing the wheels with his hands.

And you know what? When I told him to get off, he said that he was wearing a helmet. He improvised a head gear so he would be safe. Now that's a creative idea. Hehehe.

I'm now seeing a plastic Jollibee bucket in another light. *winks*


Enchie said...

This is so cute!!!

Art Blogger said...

Ang cute, Fran! more, more! haha. Mamaya niyan, may hawak na yang spatula (bilang sword niya!). haha.

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