Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I Love About Julia Roberts

Dear Me,

I first fell in love with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in their 1990 blockbuster movie, Pretty Woman. I guessed we all did. And who wouldn't?

The unusual romantic story had gotten into me. I was in high school, not totally raging hormones as a teen-ager but the romantic plot overwhelmed me; even dreaming that I would be swept off my feet by the yummy Richard Gere himself. Hehehe.

Pretty Woman had me signing in my own slumbook as well as my classmates' as Julia Roberts as my favorite actress and Richard Gere as my favorite actor. If you're going to ask me even now, I will be saying that both of them are still my number 1 artistas.

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And with that, I am going to tell you why I love Julia Roberts.

  • I love her wild, curly, auburn hair. in fact, I am so envious. If I'm going to have a wish right now, that would be to have that kind of hair.

  • She's a natural when it comes to doing romantic comedies.

  • I have high praises for her fashion sense. I love the evening gowns she dons during events.

  • "I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." Enough said.

  • I love her being in the company of other acclaimed actors in the Ocean Eleven series.

  • She got an infectious smile and just hear it when she laughs. Hehehe.

  • Roberts has a big heart, too. She served as UNICEF's goodwill ambassador and continuously render her time and money to anyone needing it.

Nope. I'm not a tomboy. I simply admire her as a person. :)


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