26 March 2010

Spoilers & Possible Ifs

Dear Me,

I've been on top of things (when it comes to being updated with my fave shows). I dislike major spoilers but a teeny-weeny bit makes it very exciting. I am so looking forward to watching the next episodes with a popcorn and iced tea. :)

House (Season 6): A marriage proposal is in the works this finale. I've been racking my brains who but the most possible is Cuddy and Lucas. But I got the idea that Lucas may be kicked out anytime. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not such a Lucas fan.

Bones (Season 5): The Gravedigger scare is not yet over.

Castle (Season 2): A new love interest for Kate Beckett. I can't wait to see how Castle will handle this. Hehehe.

Gossip Girl (Season 3): A Humphreys character may not see the light of the day when this season ends.

Law & Order SVU (Season 11): ADA Alex has totally exited the show. I hope she'll be back next season.

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