Friday, March 26, 2010

Mommy Moments - Summer Days Are Here

Dear Me,

Being a not-so-new-mom to my 2 year old boy, I want him to experience everything a kid his age will enjoy. With the summer season sweating everyone out, the best place to beat the heat is in the water.

We had our very first family summer outing with Miguel in Cool Waves Ranch & Waterpark Resort located in Bulacan.

his very first dip in a swimming pool

see the happiness on his face? :)

Early this month, I bought him an inflatable pool where he can spend a hot day while in the house. Not too small and yet not too big for his size. :) I chose this one amongst the three cute selections I had because of the washable crayons that can be used to paint the top ring depicting images of sea creatures.

priceless happiness in his face

inflatable pool as coloring book

The family is considering of having a summer outing somewhere nearby. Main suggestion is in Island Cove in Cavite since its quite accessible in the city.

I am also most excited in enrolling my little boy in a summer play club care of Kids Ahoy.


kimmy said...

really good shots! can i try the float, pls? lol!

judys424 said...

I remember my son having washable crayons too :) He's 7 now so it brings lots of memories. :) Same tayo mommy, nag-iisa pa lang.

Francesca Ivy said...

@kimmy, he wouldn't even want to leave the pool even though everyone was shivering because of the cold. hehehe.

@judy424, a few years from now, I'll be the one treading that memory lane you're into right now. Isa lang din? I want another one but I'm not yet ready.

Chris said...

summer days are precious... and fun! thanks for joining us this week!

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