Sunday, April 18, 2010

TV Episode Notes: Bones

Dear Me,

If you're a follower of Dr. Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth, you were shocked, too, upon viewing their 100th episode in Bones last week. I was. I never thought that they even came close face-to-face, confronting their "attraction" for each other. Actually, I thought it was more incredible that Booth would even be "more in touch" with his feelings for Tempe.

It was an awesome episode for me. If Bones started with both Tempe and Booth absolutely, romantically tied up with each other, I didn't think I would even reach past Season 5. Keeping their potential romanticism for each other at bay amidst identifying human remains and finding murderers truly contributed to my pleasure of viewing them. Their cute gestures and funny teasings and their growing friendship reminded me how fun it was to have a male friend in your life.

Days ago, I saw Bones' 101th episode and their latest team-up brought them to Tempe's alma mater. Concurrently, they also attended Tempe's high school class reunion where she was perceived as creepy; thus, the Morticia name-calling. Going undercover as a married couple, Tempe asked Booth to dance with her, which Booth said no but finally said yes when he saw her disappointment. It was funny because it was a slow-dance and supposed to hold each other closer but he kinda stood there, holding her a little on arm's length. Booth remarked that they should give room for the holy spirit between them. Nice punch line!

I went softie, too, when Tempe claimed that she now knew how it felt to attend a prom, a prom she never went to. And that was the cue - Booth held her close.

Capping the episode, which was totally hilarious, was when Tempe danced her favorite dance, The Electric Slide. I was hoping to find a video but none had been uploaded yet.


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