Thursday, May 27, 2010

Organizing Books By Color

Dear Me,

Seriously? For the like of me, I don't think I would even attempt of doing it. It is hard enough to arrange books as it is.

First, it will take so much time. Just thinking of how to start will drive me nuts. Even the thinking part will steal precious time.

Second, I think every bookworm will need so much space for this. Pulling out the books from the shelves down to sorting them by color before placing them back in the shelves calls for a humongous open space.

image borrowed from the article

Third, I don't think I will go for a color-coordinated mini-library or den anytime. It may be fun for a while but for sure, time will come that the color scheme of my interiors will be such a bore.

I organize my books in the shelves accordingly. I have a shelf for:
  • books newly-bought;

  • books to-be-read

  • books I have read but want to keep

  • books which are favorites

  • books I can read anytime

  • books by series

  • books by theme (selected ones like writing, travel)

Sometimes, I wish I have a bigger home to house them all. :)

For those who do, I think they all have my three "excuses" considered. Now the question is, are they really OCs as the article seems to point out? What do you think?


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