Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TV Episode Notes: Bones (Season Finale)

Dear Me,

My heart is broken.

Bones just bade me farewell this season (5). In my heart of hearts, I was longing for something else to happen. On the brighter side of things, the possibility of what I am really expecting to happen is probably (and should definitely be) waiting for me in the next season.

After that awesome 100th episode, I think this season's finale surely did not fall short in comparison.

Despite that, I did not expect a lot of questions hanging in the balance while they are all cooking away with the new season (surely there will be one, noh?).

Yes, relationships as in human connectivity were all left dangling in the air especially that of Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth.

Brennan will be off to Maluku Islands to be part of a team conducting research on hominid remains for a year. On the other hand, Booth will be re-enlisted in the army to train soldiers in Afghanistan.

Sometimes when we're confused and in a certain crossroad in our lives, we wish to leave and go elsewhere to clear our minds and be able to focus on a dilemma with clarity. I assumed that it was what Brennan want. The research project was really an intellectual and career advancement opportunity for her. She would really grab it anytime. But the project also unveiled another chance for her to examine her true feelings for Booth as revealed in a conversation with Brennan and Angela, her best friend.

Angela: You're allowed to make life changes without picking a fight with your old life.

Bones: But I need a break from that life. I'm worried all the time. Worried that Booth might get hurt on a case, and I can't prevent it. Worried about what our partnership means.

Angela: So you want to get away from Booth?

Bones: No. It's just...I just need some perspective so that I can view my life with some objectivity.

No matter how much we try to justify our thoughts and actions, I think the best way is to really talk about it. (I think I should practice this myself - as always, easy to say what should be done). Talking to the other party what is really bugging your mind and heart will somehow lighten the baggage created by conflicting emotions.

Booth: I don't do really good with change, I guess.

Bones: Well, you're better than I am.

Booth: The pyramids are better at change than you are. It's a joke. Hey, I was being affectionate.

Bones: Oh. [Pause] Will you go back to the army?

Booth: It's what best for me right now.

Bones: I'll only be gone for a year.

Booth: Me too. So, hey, what's a year?

Bones: It's the time it takes for the Earth to make a full revolution around the sun.

Booth: In the scheme of things. You know, the grand scheme of things. I'm just saying a year, you know, it's not too bad.

Bones: Right.

Booth: Right?

Bones: We can come back, pick up where we left off. Nothing really has to change.

Booth: No, things have to change. You know what? Hey, I taught you about eye contact, you taught me about evolution. So...here's to change.

Bones: To change.

Hehehe. Bones aka Brennan will always be a lovable squint for me. Yeah, what's a year? Aside from the known scientific fact, things do change. Things happen. In a year, a lot of things can and may happen with them far apart. *sigh*

I'm a Bones' fan so, here's to change!

Another relationship that was off to the "change sphere" was that of co-squint Daisy who got in the research program due to the brilliant recommendation of Brennan. Her wedding to FBI psychologist Dr. Sweets will be put on hold indefinitely. It seemed like Daisy had no qualms leaving Sweets behind. After all, she looked determined to go, being in the program meant great headway for her career. She even did her part researching for things Sweets could do in the islands should he give up his FBI work & be adventurous for once in his life.

It's only for a year for both Daisy and Sweets, too. But Sweets said not to wait for him and that she should do the same. Even though the episode did not show it, I could feel despair from Sweets. I have seen the episode before when he proposed to Daisy because he did not want life to pass by so swiftly without him experiencing new joys just because he waited too long.

The 'near-tears' moment for me was the scene at the airport where everyone bid Brennan (and Daisy) farewell. Hodgins received an 'I love you' remark (thanks to Booth) from squinty Brennan after the former gave her a guidebook to poisonous bugs and reptiles and Angela's fervent wish - "I hope you find something that just changes the entire notion of what it means to be human."

The 'shed-tears' moment was when Booth came to finally say goodbye. I thought he would not come but of course, I truly did not believe that. Booth came in that army uniform (*sigh* so guapo). I could feel my heart beat over my throat. I was waiting for what was about to happen. They held each others' hands so tightly. They both agreed to meet a year from that day next to the coffee cart by the reflecting pool in the National Mall.

Still holding hands, holding to each other like physical distance would be so unbearable...and they walked away. Oops! They stopped and turned back to face each other again. Oh my, I thought they are going to run to each other and hug like there's no tomorrow. It would have been great if they run to each other and professed their feelings for one another. *sigh* They walked away for the real goodbye.

Here's to change!


artseblis said...

Nooooo!!! i will not read your blog post about my favorite TV series yet.... they ended the series?!!!!! wait, don't answer. :P

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