Saturday, July 17, 2010

Having Fun @ The Mall

Dear Me,

After my little boy's pedia check-up at the Chinese General Hospital last week, I thought it would be a nice change for him to have some form of entertainment afterward. We hopped in the nearby mall, at SM San Lazaro.

Well, I first did my bank errands to eliminate them from my to-do list for the following week. It was shooting two birdies with one stone, so to speak.

I was not really familiar with the mall's entertainment scene but as we meandered around, we caught up with LG's Cookie Mascot. A friendly-looking mascot wandering around the mall surely got my little boy's attention.

very game with the shoot

Heading on, we bumped into Johan's Motortown. This kiddie place rents out motorized cars for the little boys and girls to enjoy. Instead of the usual car that Miguel rides in, I chose the bulky motor bike for a new kind of experience for him. I was a little shilly-shally at first because the thought of my little boy falling off the bike scared me. I asked the guy in-charge if I could follow him around while he drove. I got an affirmative.

Usually, hubby is the one engaging the little tyke to do this thing. Since he's now out of the country, I have to take his place. When Miguel was firmly settled in the seat, I was waiting for the guy to give me a go-sign. When it did not happen, I checked out the bike on how to make it move. There it was, Miguel was stepping on the switch, which acted like a pedal. If you stepped on it, the bike would move forward and if you rested your foot off the switch, it would simply stand still. Yeah, embarrassing moment for me!

After a few trials, Miguel got the hang of it. He could drive straight within the allocated space. The next thing he needed to learn was how to turn left and right and so I thought him how. I told him to swerve the handle bars to the right if he's going to the right and to the left to turn to the left side.

He seemed to enjoyed it so much that I had a hard time telling him to look at me so I could take nice shots of him facing the camera.

When I knew that he would be safe and not afraid, I walked in front of him instead of beside him. Later on, I playfully ran and he was giggling so hard of the idea of him chasing me around.

After a few turns, I was catching my breath from the running and laughing. I told him to take it slow so I could catch up. Hehehe.

A few more minutes and he was off the bike. He still wanted to go on but I told him that we could do that again soon. Fortunately, he believed me. :)


Alice Teh said...

Cute pics! I love them! Glad all of you had fun at the Mall! :)

bermudaonion said...

What a fun day! Miguel is a cutie pie!

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