Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Books That Lead Me To The Reading Path

Dear Me,

I am a self-confessed book lover. I am also a book hoarder and book collector (not the hard core types). My library cards from way back were frequently renewed due to constant borrowing from the school/university libraries. My family and friends are witness to my addiction. My fully-loaded bookshelves and towering piles in every corner of the house are proof of my love for books.

My young reading years were influenced by the following books:

  1. Nancy Drew mystery stories - I owe it to Carolyn Keene for my inclination to sleuthing and loving spy thrillers whether in printed format or in films.

  2. Barbara Cartland novels - opened my heart to romance and notions of love and being in love, even though it was just a character in the story.

  3. Mills and Boon - I read these books in great secrecy. Hahaha. I was shocked!

  4. Dirk Pitt books - Clive Cussler's writings shaped my adventurous streak.

  5. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky - Reading this book was a big challenge for me. It took me nth times to even finishing the very last page. But it was worth it. It marked the beginning of my appreciation for Russian literature. Add to the fact that their novels are quite long and I even did not mind it.

  6. Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo - opened my eyes and understanding to the social ills that beset our lives.

  7. Margaret Truman capital murder series - what lured me to liking and loving crime novels and related tv series.

Now I wonder what other people have read during their youth. What pages of a book they had flipped up that spelled the difference between reading with passion and/or feeling indifference with books.

Okay. So I found the last statement quite extreme. LOL.


edelweiza said...

hi ivan! new blog, new look. mahilig din ako magbasa, pero tingin ko di singhilig mo.namimili lang ako ng book, i'm more on adventure and mystery-themed type of books. :)

La Bella Vita said...

@edelweiza, oh yes. Migrated here because of spammers. Grabe talaga sila!

Me naman when I was younger, I was more of a loner and I was more into spending time with myself rather than going out to play or be with friends kaya ayun. Hehehe.

Mekinudols said...

yay! di ako bookworm (sa totoo lang di ko kilala yun mga books/authors) pero i heard about nancy drew.

Ako naman kasi depende kung ano yun available na maganda sa bookshelf & I'm a fan of Bob Ong's creative writing, sobrang-Pinoy :D

But I also like fantasy books na sobrang obvious like HP, The Little Prince & Twilight.

katz rivera said...

haha! another bookworm. same tayo. i tried to make a list of my top ten reads kaso napuno isang page e, i really can't decide ksi i love all my books.

when i was younger i read sherlock holmes, nancy drew, legal cases and cook books. syempre i loved my english school books and science books too. geeky lang talaga. haha!

nowadays it's blown out of proportion. i love the sci-fi classics and anthologies, fantasy, horror, mystery, some erotica and psychology books.

waiting to build my library na nga e to have a place for my "babies". :)

La Bella Vita said...

@Mekinudols, o di ba, hit talaga si Nancy Drew! :)

Me naman sa dami ng books, di ko alam kung alin gusto ko basahin. Usually, it depends on the mood. Read Bob Ong's books and love them, too. :)

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