29 October 2010

Mommy Moments - Before & After

Dear Me,

Mommy Journey is featuring the 'before and after' looks of our kids while growing up via Mommy Moments. I'm sharing the photos of my little angel, Carlos Miguel. :)

Carlos Miguel @ 3 months old
enjoying rolling over and crawling

Just turned 3 years old earlier this month
all dressed up and ready to go out

And yes, Mommy Chris! He grows up so fast that I was amazed while browsing our digital photo archive. I had a hard time combing through folders and subfolders for there were a lot of them to choose from.

But there is one thing that I realize, time really passes by so fast! While he is still young, I will spend more quality time with him and enjoy the things a little boy like him loves to do.


  1. Hello!

    You have a very handsome boy! He looked so chubby and cuddly as a baby. Wow! What a big difference in just 3 years. Loved those eyes.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I agree, you have a very handsome son! I a now a follower!

    Please come by and see my Partners in Crime

  3. @Mrs. M, big difference, so true! I wonder where the chubbiness go.

    and I am amazed with your kids. All 3 of them and so grown up already. :)

    @chubskulit, siempre my eyes are twinkling pag sinasabing pogi si Miguel. Hahaha. :))

    Visited your partners in crime and they're so adorable. Followed you, too!

  4. what a cutie darling... gonna be a heartbreaker someday, this one.

  5. i was so curious to see how Miguel looks like since you mentioned him in your comments in your blog :)

    He's so adorable! He's big now but still cuuute! :) No wonder you couldn't leave him to attend the Eat, Pray, Love Workshop.

  6. its great to be able to look back and know that you have done your best and spent the most precious time you have with them.. :) thanks for joining us today!

  7. sooo cute. belated happy birthday to your boy

  8. your boy is so handsome! even when he was just a babe!

    passing by for MM!

  9. @kimmy,

    Time flies nga no? :p


    Hahaha. Pati ako iiyak. :p


    Sidekick ko yan eh. Wherever I go, he goes. :p

    @Mommy Chris,

    Thanks. I am glad that we all share the same sentiments & fondness as moms. :)

    @Mom Daughter Style,

    Thank you.




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