Saturday, October 30, 2010

TV Episode Notes: NCIS

Dear Me,

Right now, I would claim that I'm more of a tv series couch potato than a movie buff. So it is just natural that I attempt to learn more each and every character that interests me as well as the show itself.

Now on its Season 8, NCIS is an American police procedural drama tv series revolving around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which conducts criminal investigations involving the US. Navy and Marine Corps.

Something is going to happen to Tony, Ziva or Vance. Any of those three characters will be potentially fatally wounded by an explosive and a special two-part episode to be shown on the 16th and 23rd of November is dedicated to it. With that, his/her past and relationship(s) is going to be explored in the said episodes.

It may be Vance. Although he seem to be so 'in' with the team, he appeared in the show with an unknown past and a 'curious' relationship with Ziva's dad, Eli David, director of Mossad. Also, what about the unread and unopened mysterious file that Jethro Gibbs once had on Vance?


It may be Tony. His own shot in joining the NCIS team was never seen in any of the episodes in the last seven seasons. I also wonder if it has something to do with this girl from his romantic past. I cannot recall if she really died. Another thing is this 'dancing in the romantic flame' with Ziva. What about Tony's dad? Hmm.


It may be Ziva, too. Despite claiming her American citizenship, I think her Mossad past will still haunt her. Papa Eli may be greatly involved, too. Her Somalia experience left some questions hanging as well. The Ziva-Tony love angle may probably dwell in the said episodes. Well, maybe.

I'm looking forward to these episodes!

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Chris said...

my husband loves this series!

La Bella Vita said...

@Mommy Chris,

Hubby was the one who introduced this tv series to me. After that, I was (and still is) hooked. In fact, I'm more updated with the episodes than he is. :p

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