Monday, November 1, 2010

Looking Back: Carlos Miguel @ Six Months

Dear Me,

I never got to blog that much while I was pregnant with Carlos Miguel, even after I gave birth to him. Taking care of my newborn is number one priority. Blogging is even not in the list; sneaking a few winks of sleep is a mere luxury for number two in that mental list of to-do(s).

While doing this recent entry, I felt nostalgic while searching through the photo archive in my laptop. I discovered so many wonderful photos of my little boy.

I also realized that I had been missing his photos from the time he was born till his fifth month. Hubby probably kept them in his desktop in the bedroom.

Like any newbie moms, taking photos of Miguel was a given. And oh boy, you could see the transition of his facial expressions from beginning till end. It would start like he was curious what you were doing with the camera then he would found out about the flash. Later on, you would try so hard to catch his attention to have a working shot. All through the session, you would be rewarded with an adorable smirk or smile. Hahaha. Kanino ba nagmana ang batang ito? Hehehe.

1st shot

notice the eyebrows?

now, see those eyes?

the frowning baby with Tita B

what is she doing? *thinks*

imitating...big nose...hehehe

aunt and nephew

When taking photos of Miguel at that age, we found it a challenge for him to look straight in the camera.

lots of shots were taken before this one came decent

and now facing the camera!

father and son

poster at the breastfeeding station

I am certainly a breastfeeding advocate. I know and understand the benefits of breastfeeding my baby. Thanks to SM especially the Mall of Asia branch, they made our malling experience with Miguel a lot easier and convenient. During that time, we discovered that only MoA had an existent or decent breastfeeding station for moms and babies. So you see, MoA had been (and still is) our favorite SM mall for they have always been an integral part of our family bonding (when it comes to feeding Miguel and spending time at the mall).

To celebrate his sixth month, we bought a cake from Goldilocks Bakeshop called Triple Delight. Layers of chocolate, vanilla and mocha chiffon cake filed with luscious chocolate frosting and vanilla cream icing. The whole cake is iced with chocolate cream icing and adorned with festive chocolate decors.

something is wrong with this picture


looking at...


Happy sixth month birthday, my dearest baby!


  1. CUUUUUTE! :D super cute yung imitating big nose :D

  2. @Smarla,

    Taking a closer look, I wonder if my sister & Miguel had the same nose frame. LOL.


    Tabachingching nga. There was a time I almost nicknamed him Siopao. :p


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