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Dear Me,

Oh yes! I'm a follower of this show but not really a great fan. But what does being a fan means? Following the episodes from the start does not necessarily mean that I am one. Really? LOL.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
(minus Camille and Kim)
at the NBC Universal press party in Pasadena

Based on my tv episodes folder log (where I digitally store the copies of each and every tv episodes I watch), I am now on the 12th episode of the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I think the most unforgettable thing about the last two episodes was Kelsey Grammer seeking a divorce from wife Camille. Apparently, Kelsey was so ready to dissolve his marriage with Camille so he could marry his British girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, a flight attendant.

Kelsey and Camille Grammer

He simply pops in and out of the reality tv show once in a while and very brief at that. My knowledge about him: Kelsey Grammer is an actor. Just an actor and not a big one. In fact, I even had the notion of him as an actor in a theater, in a musical.

The other day while downloading some of my favorite shows, I came across one of David Letterman's late night show (to be clear, this is not one of my favorite shows) episode featuring Kelsey.

Funny how I had a very different perception of this guy, thanks to Letterman. Grammer seemed funny and loose. I meant he seemed laconic and not the sociable type in the housewives' show.

And just right now, I truly discovered who he really was! Oh man! I am so dense. Wikipedia just revealed to my face that Kelsey Grammer was Dr. Frasier Crane in the NBC sitcom Frasier. I did watch that hilarious show from the '90s! How could I even not notice it was him!

Love in his marriage with Camille probably flew out of the window for so many reasons. I am not even sure if it has to do with Camille's very open and scandalous (that is how I see it) treatment of men around her. What married woman in her right mind and stature would kiss another woman's husband on the lips just to show that they are friends and enjoying each other's camaraderie? So what if you are one of the boys and not so at ease with other women who you think are catty enough to be your friend(s)? Like what Kyle said,
I don't really know. But the whole kissing someone else's husband on the lips is just bizarre. I can tell you that if Camille were to kiss my husband on the lips, she wouldn't have any lips left.
Oh yeah, Kyle! I would do the same thing. And for the love of Cupid, I wish that woman who is still married to Nick (the athletic guy/friend who keeps Camille company and whom Camille always kisses on the lips when they see each other) to do some action before she regrets it.

On the other hand, I found it so demeaning for Kelsey to be so romantically involved with another woman when he was still tied up. He should have first finalized his divorce before announcing to the world that he would be getting married...again to another woman.

Okay, guess he is really that in love with Walsh.

Truth is, it is their kids (Grammer has two children with Camille, daughter Mason, 8, and Jude, 6, and two older daughters, Spencer, and Greer, from previous relationships) who are really at the losing end of this situation.

*images courtesy of People

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