Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year Resolutions: Boon Or Bane?

Dear Me,

When 2011 started (like days ago), everyone had been mouthing resolutions for the new year.

Although the word has been so abused every turn of the year, people still make sure that they have their own list.

And that includes me...For a while, I told myself not to join the multitude.

Then I realized why.

We do it every year, making resolutions and if lucky, be able to get on with it right away. The usual story is that we fail to follow through those resolutions that we are so determined to accomplish throughout the year.

So why do we do it every year? Make a list of such resolutions like I will do this...I will do that. It is always a written or even a mental note of possible things to do and normally, never gets done. Just like a promise that is meant to be broken.

It is because every year that comes to an end and a new year that we always welcome with open arms give us a fresh start. With an invigorating energy and positive outlook, we foresee the coming year as a new beginning of another chapter in our lives. It gives us the drive to start right and aim high to reach a certain goal or whatever is on that list.

It is just my idea.

But I prefer not to make resolutions. Instead, I aim to make COMMITMENTS. I will not be making such long list and be lost in it.


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