10 December 2010

La Bella Vita's Holiday Blog Giveaway

Dear Me,

I have been meaning to post this entry even before December began. Unfortunately, I have been tied up with a lot of things and just a few days ago, I caught the flu bug. I felt a little better yesterday and although still sneezing from time to time, I regained my strength; the heavy head, throbbing headache, aching muscles all over and the dry cough - all gone. Today, I'm up on my feet and doing what I do best, multi-tasking.

Anyway, I'm having a giveaway here on my blog. I started blogging back in 2003 with the sole purpose of just blabbing what I had in mind. I never intended to share it with anyone but of course, you're writing online and published in the world wide web. Things changed and chapters in life unfolded and sharing meant information and friendship (if you get my drift).

And then things came to a lull, life gets busier and I sort of went to a blogging hiatus. Then last August 2010, I decided to transfer the contents of my blog to from the old one. I even had a book blog and events blog set up but managing too much of them became so tedious. I decided to put them all up in one place.

Thus, La Bella Vita was born.

Life has been busier than ever. Hubby flew abroad earlier this year and I'm a mom to an active toddler with no house help to do chores for me nor a nanny to watch out for my kid while I run important errands. A few months back, I was hired to do a freelance job (could do it from home and which I accepted). As it was not chaotic enough, the job complicated my already burdensome daily schedule. But I learned how to deal with it and I was satisfied how I handled it.

Though at times I feel alone, I still feel blessed. With 2011 just lurking around, I'm looking forward to a better year. I'm still working on my plans for year 2011.

As I was saying, I'm hosting this giveaway. I have not informed some friends where I moved my blog so I'm thinking of sharing the information through this. Also, it will be fun to meet more bloggers online, especially other mommy bloggers. I'm also thinking of this as a thank you for the old ones who stood by (although I'm sure that some of you have been wondering why I haven't been blogging in the old site). LOL. Besides, I have quite a stash of goodies here at home. *winks*

What I am giving away:

La Bella Vita's December Blog Giveaway
Victoria's Secret Love Spell Silkening Body Splash

Win This!

I have a bottle of this Victoria's Secret scent for one lucky winner! To join:
  • Just mention in comments before midnight of January 10, 2011 your plans for the new year. Please leave a valid email address for notification purposes.

  • Winner's name will be picked from a fishbowl by my toddler and notified via email afterwards.

  • The winner will be given 3 days to acknowledge receipt of the email notification with their mailing information.

  • Prize will be shipped via courier.

For extra points:
  • Subscribe to La Bella Vita's feed via email (let me know what email address you used for subscribing) +2

  • Leave relevant comments on blog entries dating back August 2010 [the month I migrated the contents of the old blog to here] (one comment per blog entry and please post the link/s of such entry or entries here) +2

  • Follow La Bella Vita publicly via Google Friend Connect +1

  • LIKE La Bella Vita on Facebook (leave user/account name) +1

  • Share this giveaway on Facebook and make sure to tag the La Bella Vita fan page (post the FB link here) +1

  • Follow La Bella Vita on Twitter (post your Twitter id for verification) +1

  • Tweet this giveaway ONCE daily (post your tweet here) +1

  • Mention this giveaway on your blog with a link back here +1

This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.

If you will be doing any of the options (pertaining to earning extra points) above, please make sure you leave individual comments for each option you choose to do. Kindly follow the rules for each entry. It will be a lot easier to tally them up.

Instead of using to pick the winner, I prefer doing this the fun way with my little boy. This time, I'll be using a fishbowl where each folded paper corresponds to one entry. After mixing them all up, I'll have Miguel pick the winner.


  1. Hey, I'm always happy to get a Victoria's Secret. Hope more people people join. This is a fun contest.

  2. Hi ya!

    Thanks for posting this contest on Pinoy Bloggers, I was quite intrigued by you so I decided to stop by. I just moved to a new blogging platform too, this time hindi na free hosted and it's fun to see people doing similar things like moving on before New Year.

    I have been inspired by other renowned bloggers to have my OWN space, like you do, kasi iba talaga kapag ka iyo ang domain, it feels different.

    Well anyway, I am joining this contest! Kasi I was moved by your post about time management because that exactly is what I'm trying to do with my life. I try to live the best of both worlds! haha

    Tsaka isa pa, I love this!
    "Winner's name will be picked from a fishbowl by my toddler and notified via email afterwards."

    Haha, sana ako mapili ng baby mo :)

    I followed you on Google Friend Connect thru my Twitter @jonharules

    Para I would know right away if may bago kang posts, you seem to be really genuine at nakakaaliw :)

    Hala parang diary na ang comment ko!

  3. Good question, my blog revolves around the question, "What are your plans?" instead of the usual, "What are you doing?". I have been challenged by my mentor to aim higher because he thinks I deserve more.

    Well I am planning to get back on my feet after losing to Standard Chartered Breeze's World's Coolest Intern Contest. At first I felt it was okay since I gained the respect of bloggers that I admire, but when the reality started to creep in, I started to feel like a real loser, like I wish I have done better. Now my plans? I want and plan to earn more than the #WCI would be earning in 6 months. I know it's kind of big plan, but I'm working on it. 2011 seems like a promising year so I am planning to learn more about the Technical Analysis of the PSE so I would no longer rely on tsupiteros for my investing. What about you, what are your plans for 2011?

  4. Kinareer ko na talaga to, ewan ko lang kung hindi pa ako magustuhang piliin ng baby mo :)

    I followed you on Google Friend Connect and Twitter via @jonharules

    Liked your FB page na din: Jonha Revesencio or @jonharules

    Also, I plan to visit your blog more often because I don't know, parang all of a sudden, I feel that we both have some things in similar, haha.

    Hope you get to visit my blog too, because #ijustdid! haha

  5. My email address nga pala, which I also used to subscribe is:, yan ha, ewn ko lang talaga if I don't win na! haha

    Syangapala, my other blog is: :)

  6. Syempre, mahilig ako sa freebies wahahaha. Subscribed my gmail acct, will like you on FB after this comment post. Di na ako active magblog, siguro baka next year or next next year, balik ako sa blogging. Mejo busy lang sa career at karir hahaha.

    Plans for the new year, as in new year celeb e syempre lalafang hehehe. Saka hopefully, start na ng new chapter ng buhay ko next year. But before that chapter e marami pang dapat asikasuhin.

  7. hi!
    i'm joining your giveaway kasi mahilig ako sa mga free...lalo na victoria secret ang ibibigay mo...

    what my plans on new year? siyempre family gathering ito kaya buo ang pamilya, i am anticipating na the foods na ihahanda ni mama, siyempre fireworks...the whole day of january 1st nasa bahay lang, kasama ang family - kain, nood TV or movies together... kuwentuhan...kain... sarap!

    i'm a subscriber:

    i follow you via GFC (lee)

    liked you on FB (lee mariano)

    follow you on Twitter (lee)

    tweeted your giveaway today

  8. Hi I'm joining!

    It's okay to live well as long as you do good so I'll work harder and persevere more this coming year to achieve my goal.

    GFC follower: Ladymishel

    email subscriber: michelle_ej08[at]yahoo[dot]com

    LIKED La Bella Vita on Facebook
    username: Michelle Oraña-Ame

    Shared on FB:!/michelle.ame/posts/170009273038782

    twitter follower: michelleame


    blog post:

  9. I will spend it with my family. My brother's coming home after four years. yey!


  10. tweet your giveaway today!/lee7001/status/14517125192359936

  11. New Year is also the Feast in our Barangay! so we usually plan a get together or reunion with families and friends... we will be cooking spaghetti, inihaw na bangus, inihaw na liempo, calderetang Baka.. with cake and sapinsapin as our desert! :) you want some? u can drop by in our house :) I'm sure this is fun and exciting!

    *subscribed via news feed (
    *followed via google connect
    *liked La bella Vita Fan Page on FB
    *followed you on twitter (jezzie_97)

    Josephine Gregorio

  12. tweet your giveaway today!/lee7001/status/14871483289440257

  13. hi!
    tweet your giveaway today!/lee7001/status/15248365046468608

  14. for 2011 - i want to learn to play the guitar, take better care of my skin despite long hours overs books and projects, and stretch my patience as long as i can...
    daeaSR gmail com

    GFC @daear
    FB @daea elbor
    FB post
    Twitter @daea_r
    Placed your link at my sidebar

  15. tweet your giveaway today!/lee7001/status/15578873081106432

  16. tweet your giveaway today!/lee7001/status/15945044959694849

  17. post your giveaway on my blog

  18. I plan to study a new language this new year and do a little traveling.

  19. Already subscribed to your feed with email address

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  27. really quite hard to manage our time when we seem to have so much on our plate, i feel for you cause we are on the same boat. i juggle my time between raising my 15-month old toddler, running a household, being a wannabe yet frustrated cook, running errands with my baby in tow, and yes, looking for lucrative ways to earn online and blogging!

    my plans for the new year includes looking for swimming classes to enroll my son into, probably get back to yoga (to get back in shape!) and to finally be able to manage my time properly and effectively.

    thanks for this wonderful giveaway, my victoria secret is empty and am in dire need of replacement!!

  28. subscribed to you via email - vixenp33 at gmail dot com
    followed you via gfc - jared's mum

    yay!another interesting and fun blog to follow:)

  29. tweet your giveaway today!/lee7001/status/16676662892560384

  30. Commented on a blog post. Here's the link:

  31. Another comment!

  32. Your posts are interesting. Here's another comment:

  33. Plans for the new year:
    1. Be more spiritual by taking time to read the Bible everyday
    2. Live greener by expanding my organic use to include household items
    3. Exercise 10 minutes daily
    4. Lessen intake of meat more
    5. Create my emergency buffer fund
    6. Be more fashion conscious

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  41. My plans for the New Year include getting more me time. Being a work at home mom and a wife can take its toll. So for this year I plan to go on a trip alone or with a couple of friends and do things I've never done before like parasailing or scuba diving 8)

  42. hi! nice blog you have...please do follow mine too!



  43. I am your new follower sis at GFC. I also follow you na on twitter with


    hope you could follow my blog at and

    lots love,

  44. Hi :)

    My plans for this year include re-evaluating the curriculums we are using since we homeschool... and to help others in whatever way possible :)

  45. To all who joined this blog promo, kindly forgive me for being late in posting the winner.

    I've been tied up with a lot of things.

    Anyway, I'm starting the process already. LOL.

    Also, I'll be adding some stuff, too, on top of the prize. :)


  46. I'm supposed to make a blog entry about this but I'm running out of time. Miguel and I are slated to fly overseas by end of Feb or March and live with hubby.

    Anyway, Miguel picked out the winner's name from the fish bowl (had to search for a real fish bowl to accommodate the number of entries we got) yesterday. Folded paper and mixed it all up.

    Once I find the time, I'll make an entry on how we select the winner. It was fun!

    To cut it short, the winner of this blog giveaway is.....LOURDES ESPANOL!


  47. I'm so happy I won! Thank you so much!


It's always refreshing to know what's on your mind. Thanks!

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