A Million Things

It is nine o'clock in the evening on my side of the world. Normally, I stick to my rule of having my kiddo sleep at 8 o'clock in the evening as it is a school night after all. Today, I am letting him sleep a little late. I am the stricter parent. But today, I am letting loose. Just for today. Currently, he is doodling a family tree, which, I laid him the-who on this side and that side of the branch. But don't you worry, he will be in bed half past nine.

Eventually, all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason. ~ Albert Schweitzer

So what is this momma doing at the moment while her kid is basking in joy for having to sleep late? He is happy...that, I can guarantee. :)

I am checking my inbox, reading an article, and thinking about decluttering my online presence. Obviously, I have halted doing those things as I am typing this. I am an OC with clutter and I am also a multi-tasker. I have a million things going around my head. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed and nothing gets done but most of the time, I do really focus and I get to check all the things in my to-do-list. When that happens, I feel gratified.

My thoughts on decluttering my online presence means lessening my so many email addresses, deleting some of my social media handles, simply utilizing the mobile upload process in Facebook instead of creating albums. I do not know why but I feel the lightness of being unburdened by these mundane things.

By the way, I am excited as well because I will be testing a corn muffin recipe. I will be baking later after my son goes to bed and the hubby arrives home. He is out with a good friend from Kuwait. Richard will be flying back in two days and they are buying some souvenirs.

Sharing a random shot of Doha at dusk. I love gazing at the sky everytime I am outdoors. An instant feeling of peace seems to settle over me whenever I look up.

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