Thursday, August 28, 2003

His Special Day...

According to him, the 27th day of the month is special to him. I knew why. Anyway, I decided not to show my disagreeable moods so his day will not be ruined. I respect the guy's wish and as much as I wanted to snap at him for trying to provoke me, I think he did not succeed. At first, I thought I had it messed up because we were not bantering while we walked towards the buzz center of Makati. I was pretty tired and I was at the verge of giving up when the chat easily came on. That was the start.

First, we had dinner; him - ordering a honey spareribs steak [something like that, cannot recall], me - my fave sizzling sisig. We chatted away about stuff and even let out some "steam" about work and colleagues.

Next, we whizzed by at
@ 6750 since I have been craving for some caffeine since the other day. I ordered for a mocha frappuccino - grande and him, a rhumba frappuccino - tall. We opted to sit down at the second floor which was pretty isolated at that time. As usual, we had a good laugh about stuff and about ourselves.

A few more ticks and we called it a night.

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