Thursday, August 28, 2003

Itchy Allergy...

I filed a sick leave from work for the past 1 and a half days. I just got back this afternoon. Honestly, I did not want to go to work but I have to. My superior will be back from his vacation and tomorrow [which is already today], I will be attending the NSCB press conference re 2nd Quarter RP National Accounts. Hay naku! Figures na naman. I have to take note a lot of figures again! Mahina pa naman ako sa numbers. Tsk...tsk...

I wonder when this blasted itch will disappear! I always have to wear long sleeves or put my blazer on even it is damned so hot. I really find it irritating but I cannot stomach at all the looks from people's eyes. Like they were thinking I got measles or chicken pox! "Bwitet talaga!"

It is already one week and I have already run out of meds and even my prescribed soap. "Taka lang ako kasi same size of soap yung prescribed and one week lang ubos na..." For that bar of soap, it costs more that 200 bucks! Incredible!

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