Thursday, August 28, 2003

Whiling Time with

Okay, I'm supposed to do some reading about a homeWORK - meaning a WORK being brought home. But I cannot focus my mind on it now and I sorta felt bored. I am surfing around Altavista when this pop-ad appeared. It's Quizilla! Honestly, whenever this site comes across to mind, I always remember Godzilla. Hehehe! Sounds alike...

What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?

You should be dating a Gemini!
21 May - 20 June
This mate is inquisitive, entertaining and charming,
liberal, broad-minded and youthful.
Though Gemini has a tendency to be impatient,
gossipy and sometimes irritable, this twin has the ability to express
his or her pent-up emotions during sex.

There's only one person in this world {one I will never forget} I know who is a true-blooded Gemini. His name is Oliver. I met him during my first few stints in the Oblation Corps, a volunteer society in UP. We were always thrown together in SK [StreetKids] Projects. Together with friend Jeni, we would just chat the entire "tambay" time at the SK office. From serious to hilarious stuff, from nonsense to rational ideas...the list goes on and on. We will discuss about politics, philosophy and even try to delve the logic in the irrational, pathetic side of this world.

But me being complemented by another Gemini is truly incredible. That would be a spark and clash of personalities! I know because both of us had once talked about this [He likes to discuss about zodiacs and astronomy, I think he believes in it]. We somehow assessed the what-ifs of 2 Geminians together. Both are head-strong, stubborn and most of the time, we don't give a damn. Okay! Not that I am saying there was something going on between us. Goodness! Not on this earth or even in this lifetime.
Oliver will surely let out a shriek and have a cardiac arrest afterwards. Hehehe! He just cannot see the "girl" in me. Not that I am complaining but we surely consider each other as good buds.

What would your Japanese name be? (female)

Maki - "Truly Rare"

Truly rare? It is more like: GENUINELY PECULIAR! In short, out of this world.

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!

Power Rangers Movie!

*okay* 99% true!

The ULTIMATE personality test

I like the TRUST and BETRAYAL part...

What kind of kiss are you?

You have a surprise kiss! Your partner is always
pleasantly pleased to have you jump outta no
where to dote them with a fun peck on the cheek
or more passionate embrace. Super markets and
work places are your favorite places to attack
your loved one with all your love =p

"Uy, grabe naman ito." I hate PDI nga eh. :bop:

What Drink Are You?

Congratulations! You're a black velvet! Smooth and dark,
you are potent and bitchy yet seductive and irresistible.