Tuesday, December 23, 2003

World of Politics, Economy...

A lot of things had happened in the arena of politics and the local economy for the past few months. The turn and twist of events had either been too dragging or too drastic for me to remember them all. Most of the time, I had to deal and delve with these topics for they make up my day at work. Politics and Economy are the factors that run my work week.

Let me jot down from my mind what had happened before and after.

1 -
FPJ running for the 2004 presidency. Chaka naman siya. Feeling ko lang, etong si Sen. Tito Sotto & Sen Edgardo Angara lang ang may gusto siyang tumakbo. Sen. Angara, I think, could be considered the culprit for the division of the opposition. On the other hand, Sen. Sotto is acting like a dumb puppet. So what if he is the unofficial spokesperson of FPJ? Spokespersons are supposed to be doing the role of speaking for someone but in this instance, will they just let FPJ do the talking? Let the man talk!

If the actor wins, *heaven forbid* technically, it will be both
Sen. Angara & Sen. Sotto who will be running the government for him. What a pity for the Philippines?! All I wanna say for FPJ is: "If you are really that decided in running, will you, for once have the GUTS to show it off? After all, if ever you win, you will be needing more than GUTS to run the entire country! Speak up! I know you mean well but...

2 - Department of Finance Secretary Jose Isidro Camacho had resigned from his post effective November 30. Upon hearing the news, I was a little disappointed. I expected the man to stay on and continue his task. The local & international community including the finance and banking sector trusted him well and had great confidence in his credentials. Even with his resignation, the financial stock markets reacted violently to the news. I wonder why he really resigned? *hmm* He just bid the observers with: "I am physically tired, emotionally drained, financially ruined..."

3 - Did the son of Sen. Miriam Santiago really commit suicide? Waht really caught me here was that the senator promised to his dead son that she would not engage in the dirty world of politics anymore. But this was reversed when she said she would support the candidacy of .... Talk about breaking promises to the dead.

4 - The freeze on the
death penalty had been lifted by Her Excellency, Pres. GMA. In an effort probably to win the support of the Chinese community, the president said that she would not stand in the way of justice again. Oh really? *hmm* But then, she will be staking the support {as well as the votes} of the Catholic and human rights group.

5 - Siemai!
PeopleSupport will be expanding its capacity and operations next year both in Manila and Cebu. The very well-known US call center will be investing $25-M for the expansion. Other call centers will be doing the same as well. Cebu has been designated by our government as an information technology hub.

6 - Ano ba yan? Power rate hike na naman ng hinayupak na
Meralco na iyan? Wala na silang ginawa kung hindi magtaas. Why do the consumers have to be the one to shoulder the burden of paying the debts of NPC? Another strong hearsay here is that this is just one of the concessions sought by the Lopezes to allow a GMA-Sen Noli de Castro tandem in the 2004 elections. Oops... is that right or I am making an accusation here? the question is: so what if the newscaster-turned-senator if a talent of ABS-CBN which is also owned by the Lopezes? Hawak ba nila sa leeg si De Castro. But for whatever reason it is, I just hope they will do their job well and really find ways to lower the electricity price. It is such a shame that we are not so industrialized and yet, we topped the list of countries that has the highest electricity rate. No wonder why investors are complaining and even decide not to infuse their money and capitals in the domestic economy.

7 - Etong si
Kris Aquino may pagkabalimbing din. Pati politics ginagawa niyang showbiz. Wala na naman ba siyang magawa sa buhay niya. After the Marquez drama emote niya, si Ping Lacson naman ginogoyo niya. Do not get me wrong here. Walang romanticism involved. She met with the senator showing and even declaring [yata] her support, the next time she was denying it. Then, her dramatic antics with her mom. She said sorry a lot of times, asking for forgiveness. Drama, drama pa siya. Now, nakikisawsaw siya sa politics going or even provoking her mom. She said she will be supporting the opposition party while her mom is endorsing the incumbent administration president. Ikaw yata ang dapat tawaging baliw na title ni Sen. Miriam Santiago. At least, she talks sense.

8 - After
DoF Sec. Camacho, the next person to leave the Cabinet is Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Mar Roxas II. Just this month, the trade chief resigned due to election-related concerns. He will be gunning a seat in the Senate under the administration party. Hay, Papa Mar! Why do you have to leave your post? Eh di, hindi ka na namin makikita at makakahalubilo ng harapan? *sigh* Mejo suplado yata iyong new replacement mo na taga-SGV!

9 - The Philippines is being sandwiched in the "argument" existing between the countries of
China and Taiwan. China is regarding taiwan as its truant province while Taiwan is fighting its way to be independent. The Philippines is an affirmed implementor of the so-called "One-China Policy." Because of this conflicting interest, I think, time will come that the bilateral ties existing between RP and Taiwan will be affected and the same goes for China, whichever way the Philippines will take it.

10 - Almost everybody would like to join the election wagon. Ano bang meron sa politics? Stupid me! Of course, goons, gun and gold...

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