Thursday, January 1, 2004

A Happy Flashback...

Baguio Trip [20-23 December 2002]
24 December 2002

Good Afternoon, Cool Peepz!

Well, I just got back from dear, old, reliable
Baguio. I have been going there every month. It has been a consistent habit of mine to visit this small, delightful city but still, everytime I find every visit a new one, a new experience. It still gives me the wonder I used to experience the first time I visited it with a grown-up mind.

We decided to leave for Baguio last Friday night. Since all of us are working yuppies, taking the nite trip is convenient for all of us. Besides, travelling during the evening is lighter and practical.
Kuya Jon decided to fetch me from the Cubao MRT Station since I was not too familiar with the place. (I found Quezon City a jungle, hehehe!) We met at exactly 745 pm. We were feeling both ravenous so we decided to dine before heading to the bus terminal. We ate at Goldilocks and obviously, we ordered a lot. We texted our other friend LA to come over at Goldilocks and meet us there. Mariel, another pal, was already at the bus terminal waiting for us. By 10 pm, together with my best buds Kuya Jon, LA and Mariel - to Baguio we go. We arrived there at exactly 430 in the morning. Whew! It was a little cold and I was too tempted to have "taho". So I ordered 2 cups.

We stayed at
King's Court located at Rimando Road. The room was okay except for some lacking amenities. We had 2 rickety-rackety foamed beds and additional foam. There were cabinets (we rather did not use them since we will be transferring. There was a tv too and I think they all had the channels there. Hehehe! Better than Manila. What was funny was we thought there was no heater. It was kinda cold to take a bath. It turned out that it was working. Di lang kami marunong mag-open nun. We had to call the maintenance.

Our first stop was in
Rainforest. This resto is new and can be found along Session Road. I suggested the place to them coz I had dined there before they had it inaugurated. The place was cozy enough and the food was great. The four of us ordered and devoured sinigang na baboy, sisig, adobong kangkong. It was all our favorite. I loved their sinigang coz I found it so tasty and maasim. I love maasim na sinigang. We also had a chance to taste their very own version of iced tea. They call it Rainforest Iced Tea. Hmm, we sort of found it a little lacking in taste.

We scoured along Session and I remembered I had to buy a cheapy camera since I forgot to bring mine. I had to take some pictures of the sites. Plus, I knew we will be having a grand time there and of course, you have to capture those cute moments in print. So I bought one with a 36 film roll.

Destination: Burnham Park

Kuya Jon voiced out that he wanted to go boating. So off we go to Burnham. While on our way, our attention was caught by this St. Bernard dog. My! He is so big and yet so kind. Well, I said so since I can see it in the doggie's face. How cute! For 10 pesos, Kuya Jon, LA, Mariel and I had our picture taken each and as a group. Hehehe! Kuya Jon and the doggie looked like they were siblings. That's according to dear Mariel. Hahaha! Peace, Kuya! Muah! By the way, his name is Flames. O di ba!

We did boating and I would say it was my first time to ride one coz I never thought of riding one even though I go to Baguio every month. I would like to be the one to row the boat but we hired a rower who didn't inform us that we had to pay for his service. He just jumped off and rowed us around. But it is okay. There was a fountain in the middle that suddenly exploded with water. The ones who were near it got wet. Fortunately for us coz we were kinda far from it. Kuya Jon and I took shots of it. Also, sino nga ba yung type na girl nina Kuya Jon and LA? Type nga ba? Yung cute na girl from another boat. Hehehe!

After a very "exhausting" ride, hahaha we decided to have a cool drink at
Cafe Veniz. Mariel ordered oreo choco rumble and blueberry, I think. I'm not sure who ordered a different one from mine - (I ordered my all time fave, iced cafe mocha).

Destination: Mines View

We hailed a cab that will bring us to Mines. Well, as usual, it was too congested with tourists like us. There were horses you can ride on and have your picture taken for a minimum of 10 bucks. The last time I was there, there were only 2 horses. One white and brown-colored. Now, there were 4. The additional 2 horses were white and had their manes colored pink. Hehehe! Mabenta sila kc ang dami nagpapakuha. Especially the little kids. On the other side naman, you can have your pic taken too for 10 pesos ata - with the natives wearing their stuff. Puede mo rin suot yung headgear and attire nila and kodak, you'll look like you are one of them. For a fee, too, you can borrow the binoculars [binoculars nga ba yun?] and view the mountains of Benguet. It was kinda foggy kaya di masyado visible yung mga shapes ng mountains. Kuya Jon and I took some pics of it. The most enjoyable part of our Mines View tour was the kodakan and posing and all that. Everyone was having a grand time taking pictures. We had to make porma dun sa place kung saan gusto namin makunan ng pic. Super dami tao and di ka makukunan pag di ka nakipag-unahan. Siempre, palit-palit kami nina Mariel, Kuya Jon, LA and ako ng magkuhaan ng pictures. Hehehe! It was really fun.

Sa baba naman, we looked around and checked the stuff being sold there. There were food items - native food products of Baguio -, brooms, shawls, knitted wear and display, wodcarved items. At siempre, we bought some. Mariel and I had fun with the necklace-bracelet stuff. We bought a couple of those stuff while LA was so hooked up in this carved piece. Ewan ko kung bakit. Tanong nyo na lang cya kung ano item yon.

I found the display to appealing and I thought I might be able to have a picture taken. I asked the owner if it was alright to have it photographed. I thought he would not allow me kc mukhang suplado. Surprisingly, he beamed at me and said that I can have the place at my disposal. Nice man! First, I had the necklaces, bracelets, beads and the what-have-yous-accessories display photographed. It was so pleasant to the eyes to see the fusion and mix and blast of the varied hues and colors. I took a couple of shots of it. What I was so eager to see was a picture I was taking and Mariel, just in time, poked her face in it. I knew it was a good shot becoz her posing was so quick and proportional to the whole pic.

I roamed around Manong's place and I saw the displayed woodcarved items. In one wave, I took a picture of everything. Two shots were for an eagle and a horse. I had also taken a pic of the item LA was so keen in teasing me. Hehehe!

Kuya Jon also wanted to take pictures so again we asked Manong for permission. He said yes and flashes we did. I also took a shot of items hanging up there. I think Kuya Jon liked it, too. I was trying to remember if the item were clocks made of shells. Kc all I can remember was the fan-shaped shell. Hmm...

For the last part, together with good bud LA, I had taken a photo of Manong. Afterwards, LA and I thanked Manong for the time and for his kindness.

Destination: The Mansion

After, we rode off in a PUJ stationed at Mines and off we went to The Mansion. As usual, kodakan kami. We got in and we had lots of pictures taken there. Some solo, some by three's, some wackier shots of all of us, (si Mariel nakakatuwa - isa ngang full and pouty jan - hehehe! We also had postcard-like shots.

One shot that we took was The Mansion and in front of its covered green lawn was a belen. The place was so relaxing to the eyes.

Ei, guys! Remember the girl whom I have requested to take a photo of us? Hehehe! Miss, whoever you are - thanks a lot. At least, she took our photo even though nakasimangot cya. Hoping that the picture will not turn out the way that she looked.

I forgot to mention the other one, the guy. Okay! 1...2...3...

Destination: Wright Park

Actually, we did not really go there. We just passed by. From The Mansion, we crossed the street and walked our way there. I did not know that the horses had their manes painted pink. Weird naman ang pink. Last month di pa ganon ah. Sayang! We were not able to horseback. Maybe I can next time.


What else? Hmm...I cannot remember what happened next but we decided to go in an internet cafe and checked our emails. Hehehe! For an hour, we stayed there. I was struggling with my keyboard kasi Korean yun eh. I thought I was the only one mumbling and grumbling, yun pala sila rin. I hate the keyboard I was using kc may mga letters na kahit anong panggigil na press mo, wala pa din. Magalaw pa cya.

Complaint namin: The server was too slow. Hmm...

I also noticed that there were lots of Korean in the cafe. Young ones like us. Hehehe! Mejo naka-chika ko yung katabi ko. Kasi naka-Korean yung site na pinuntahan ko. Na kahit ano type ko, Korean pa rin. He taught me how to change it. Buti mejo understandable sya English kahit na kinakain nya yung mga words while he speaks.

Mariel has to leave before us coz she will be meeting a pal of hers. Mukha cya excited. I wonder why...

We decided to have dinner at KFC along Session.
Chat, a friend of mine - met us there and I introduced her to my 2 handsome kuyas. Naks! Handsome daw!

So, how did you guys find Chat? Daldal at sobrang bungisngis noh? After dining, we decided to hit King's Court coz
Janice - a pal of us who lives in Baguio will be arriving soon. We were planning to spend the nite in their house. But before pala we left for King's Court, (mejo maaga pa sobra to meet Janice and malayo pa sya sa Baguio) we went to Burnham Park. Nagpakagat muna sa lamok at kwento-kwento. Hehehe! May nangharana dun sa 2 binatang kasama namin nina Chat. Inawitan sila ng Christmas songs. Tinuruan pa nga nila ng ibang songs eh. We all gave her a total of 20 pesos. Mas galante yung mga boyz kaya mag-caroling kayo sa kanila. Afterwards, Chat and me and my 2 kuyas separated ways na.

Tapos uwi na kami. Grabe! It took us more than an hour and a half to get a cab. Kinalyo ako dun ha. Ikot, lakad dito, lakad doon. While we were waiting and hailing cabs, hehehe, mga girls, (kindly include the gays) gave my 2 kuyas a second glance and stares. Meron pa nga mga nagpapa-cute, nagpapansin. I am girl so I would know why they act like that. Hahaha! Kahit masakit paa ko, I was happy. And who wouldn't? Kaw ba naman, kasama mo mga guaping! Uy, pumapalakpak tenga at ang mga ngiti - ngiting-aso - hahaha!

To cut the story short, nakauwi din kami ng maluwalhati. And di na kami tuloy kina Janice kc pagod na talaga kami and we thought na nakakahiya sa kanya kc pagod din cya from the trip. Tomorrow na lang kami punta sa kanila.

Sunday, Kuya Jon and I went to church. I was already awake 3 am. Was up by 4 am. Kuya Jon, tulog pa din. Before 530 am, he was ready and off we go. Huah! Too cold outside and tuwa naman ako dun kasi foggy yung breath pag nagsalita ka. Tagal ko din hindi kita yun ah. Hahaha! Babaw!

After that, balik kami King's Court and punta na kami sa hauz nina Janice. We met their dad and mom and her sisters and cousin. Cozy home.

We had our breakfast there and afterwards, direcho market. We did not go to PMA anymore coz we didn't have much time na eh. Basta madami kami nabili. Too many people, as usual.

Sino yung sinusundan ng 2 vakloosh na nagtitinda ng pinipig? Hehehe!


LA and Janice went home na together with the things that we bought. Mariel, Kuya Jon and I decided to stay in the market kasi we haven't bought a cardigan for Kuya Jon's mom. Yun nga yung punta nya ng Baguio eh. And I promised Kuya I will accompany him. But before we did that, we headed first to Cafe Veniz to have refreshments. Kuya Jon ordered brewed coffee. Mariel and I had the oreo choco rumble...again. Afterwards, we went back to the market and bought the stuff we were looking for.

Anyway, we went back to Janice's house and ate lunch. Supposedly, all of us were leaving that day except for Mariel. She already had plans of staying in Baguio till Monday. To cut the story short again, LA stayed and will go back to Manila the next day, too. Kuya Jon and I decided to leave Baguio kc it was his mom's birthday and he had to be at work on Monday.

We thought we won't be able to get a ride home coz there were too many people and we haven't made any reservations. Sabi ni Kuya, pag later than 5pm(?) ang available, di na kami tuloy uwi. Fortunately, we got a 310 pm ride. We reached Manila past 10 pm na ata.

Hay, grabe! I miss Baguio already... Next month I will be there with my mom and sis.

I will post the pics later.




As I mentioned I was "cleaning" my computer files and I came across this writing which I have jotted down right after I got back from my December Baguio vacation 2002. I had written this for my grandmother who was in the States and some of my close pals. I was raving to them how much I enjoyed this vacation with my dearest pals. I had also inserted the pictures I had scanned.

I miss them, terribly. Sometimes, I wonder if we will be able to get together again. I just hope we will be able to do this again together with
Jawee, Jheng, Kerwin, Paul and Jorry!