Friday, March 26, 2004

What's Going On...

Today, I am busy but then, I am not.

I am busy because I am pre-occupied and yet I am not subjected to heavy stress which is a little unusual.

Work is a little demanding but I think I can handle it, I guess.

Today, my honey and I are celebrating our
9th month of friendship and togetherness. And yet, we will not be seeing each other because...

This morning, I had my fiscal year performance evaluated. I knew I did not do well this year compared to the past few years I have been working for the company. I would say I felt so depressed and frustrated most of the time. I cried a few tears for being so honest about myself. I cried because I was not used to telling about the sensitive things of my life to anyone, especially if it will pull me down; Worse, even degrade me. But that time, I shed all pretensions and outrightly told the truth. I do not care what they might think. For once, I wanted to let go of the negative emotions wreaking havoc to my physical and emotional being. Anyway, I had freed myself from that.

Tonight, our company will be having a small bowling tournament. Except for my 2 officemates, all of us will be playing at the
Coronado Lanes. Afterwards, dinner will be served at the Cafe Via Mare in Greenbelt. I hope I will score better than last year...

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