Wednesday, April 14, 2004


I want to go to this place!

I was reading through an online mag and I came across this article. It features the newest chilling place in Malate. (I remember that my party pal,
Kerwin lives near the area. I wonder if he has ever visited this cool place).

This is a two-storey building located along Orosa Street and goes by the name
Samowar/Abyss. Both a bar and a coffee/tea place.

Quoting from the article:
"Abyss, which occupies the ground floor, is a diver's bistro while Samowar on the second floor is the coffee and tea place and what one of the owners of the new bar, Dirk Fahrenbach, calls the "chill out room."

I also read that it formerly used to be a gay bar. Since the end of January, the place has been opened to the public.

Anyway, I am more interested to take a peek into the second floor. It somehow gives me the impression that it can be a place where you can invite friends and have an enjoyable chit-chat and nonstop fun.

To give you an idea, here is a piece of the entire article:

Samowar, the chill-out room on the second floor, has become a fast favorite both among the bar's first-time guests and repeat customers. Understandably so as the room looks comfortable and cozy, its very relaxed ambience making one want to come back again.

Half of the room has an elevated floor that is fully carpeted and strewn with throw pillows of various sizes and colors so guests can comfortably sit on the floor or even lie down -- especially when they've had one drink too many. Two sturdy wooden tables adorned with candles complete the lazy atmosphere effect.

Guests can also hang out at the small balcony on the second floor and check out the scene along Orosa and Nakpil.

The other half of the second floor is filled with chairs and tables of various sizes, creating a mix-and-match artsy look. Framed photos mostly taken at Club Paradise and Coron in Palawan adorn the walls of the chill-out room. On one side is a collection of art photos by German photographer Adam Roszak who also manages the bar.

Mr. Fahrenbach said their plan is to host photo exhibits at Samowar/Abyss and he said professional and aspiring photographers are welcome to put their works on display. Underwater videos by professional and amateur photographers and videographers will also be shown at Samowar/Abyss.

Samowar is derived from the Russian word "samovar" which refers to the urn (usually made of copper, brass or porcelain) with a spigot at its base used to boil water for tea.

Mr. Fahrenbach said he chose the name because a wide selection of tea is available at Samowar/Abyss. "We have around 25 types of tea," he said, explaining that they serve the German tea brand Ronnefeldt, which Mr. Fahrenbach's company also distributes in the Philippines.

Coffee is also available for those who want a night cap or need a caffeine boost to counter the effects of alcohol. Mr. Fahrenbach added that coffee and tea are served in different styles of cups and saucers, so no guest would get the same cup.

For those who prefer alcohol, various local beers are available at between PhP40 to 45 per bottle as well as a selection of wines and cocktail drinks.

For now, Samowar/Abyss's menu is limited to reasonably priced pica-pica like cheese sticks at 60 per plate, fruit platter at PhP120, meat balls at PhP130, pork bratwurst at PhP140 and Hungarian sausage at PhP140 but Mr. Fahrenbach said the plan is to eventually add more choices.

The bar also serves German and Filipino breakfast from 3 to 6 a.m. to cater to those hungry all-night partygoers before they head home. Mr. Fahrenbach noted that the bar has so far been attracting a good crowd for its breakfast specials. He added that the bar usually gets crowded towards midnight when the Malate crowd just starts to heat up.

So I am convinced, ok. I really wanna go there. To entice you more, here are 3 photos courtesy of the article.

The second floor of Samowa/Abyss is the "chill-out" area, with a carpet-covered platform strewn with pillows

Samowar serves 25 types of tea, along with the requisite coffee

The bar also has a souvenir shop selling cute items

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