Thursday, April 15, 2004

Why is it...

I have been trying so hard to look alright, to feel alright. People would look at me and say, "hey, you look so happy." Damn! They just do not know.

For the past weeks, I have failed to control the emotional turmoil cooking up inside me. I tried to ignore for I know that this was the same dilemma I had when I was in college. Like before, I knew it would soon come to pass.

I thought things will just happen as they are while I am undergoing this predicament. But no. People who are close to me are getting successful in putting me down. But of course, they do not know it.

I even thought I was getting through "it" for a while. But then, I did not.

Well, as usual, I am left on my own with no one to trust.

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