Monday, August 16, 2004

2 People

Did I ever mention that a good friend of mine from PinoyExchange is back in town from Cana-duh? Yeah, he is back.

It was dear
Jary who informed me. They were together in Robinson's Galleria when I got the texted message. Unfortunately, I could not join them since I was pretty loaded with work that day. The following day being a Thursday, I requested them to attend the church services at a nearby Makati locale instead of somewhere (I forgot where it was supposed to be). We decided to meet up at McDo in Jupiter Street and grabbed a bite before heading to church. It was really fun chatting and catching up with the old times.

The church service was, as usual, solemn. Due to my waning faith combined with the fervent hope of nourishing it again, I took my prayers more seriously than ever. The positive and the negative side of me were competing for my mental attention. The negative side was telling me that God would not listen to me much more made His presence to me. I longed to feel His presence within me, to know that He still welcomes me despite my truant ways. Honestly, for a time I thought He deserted me. I hope my prayers will be answered.

After the evening service,
Jon decided to have a dinner in Jollibee. Hehehe. He really missed the Pinoy thing that's why we settled there. It was a treat, actually. While "devouring" our food, the 3 of us talked about a lot of stuff and honest, we had a good laugh as usual.

Tell you what? We may not know nor see each other a lot but I know I can depend on them like they are my real brother and sister.

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