Monday, August 16, 2004


As much as I was excited to watch this movie, Catwoman, I was downright disappointed how shallow its predictability was. I was not actually impressed in her sexy suit as well as her acquired feline grace. Bumalik na lang siya sa pagiging Storm ng X-Men. Her performance is more justified in that movie. Promise.


I never really like this lazy cat since I laid my eyes on him during my younger years. Aside from his eyes that really makes me sleepy and my day boring, I found his values too disconcerting.

When I saw the movie trailer, I told myself that I am going to watch it and I did via dvd. His antics were really amusing despite the boo-boo values it denoted.

Garfield’s “nobody mistreats Odie but me”-line reminded me of someone (from my elementary schooldays) who made it a point to have me at his mercy everytime we crossed paths.

I loved the way this fat, lazy cat smiled when he was caught in the act. Does anyone remember that scene? Even the way he bullied Odie in the last scenes of the movie was really hilarious.

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