Monday, August 16, 2004

Food Galore

For the past weeks, the office has been deluged with lotsa food. A number of birthday celebrants and a despedida party filled up our already bloated stomachs. I was always at the mercy of such food treat for I felt drunken sleepy after partaking with them. I am not such a grand diner during lunch.

When my so-called assistant (charing), a Japanese student taking his overseas ojt, was about to end his 3-month stint in the office, we had a despedida party for him. Nothing fancy for he favored Filipino food. We took him at a nearby, cozy resto called
Blanvil. My goodness! I was so full. I greatly welcomed the complimentary cups of coffee (they are using the coffee that Figaro serves, don't ask me why. It is supposed to be a secret) that was served after the sumptuous meal. But a number of cups did not help to ward off the afternoon sleepiness that befell on me.

We also celebrated the birthday of our foreign superior by dining at
Dencio's located at the Paseo Center (a few walks away from the Tower). As expected, Dencio's can really compete with the food being served at my favorite Gerry's Grille. The bangus sisig served at Dencio's was really mouth-watering. I could not ask for more. Their laing had become my favorite, too. I liked the way they cooked it. Shall I call it creamy? :)

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