Monday, August 16, 2004

Boosting Your Brain Power

Posted: 11:22 PM (Manila Time) | Jul. 26, 2004
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AS MENTIONED before, even the brain needs proper nourishment. There are certain foods you can eat to maintain your brain's health.

Brain foods

Eggs, fish, soy grains citrus fruits, shellfish, garlic, green leafy vegetables, spinach, broccoli, beef liver, tomatoes, fruits (especially raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, black berry, prunes, raisins), legumes (beans), olive oil, Brazil nut, garlic, meat, seafood.

10 ways to boost your brain power:

1. Take vitamins.
2. Take antioxidants (substances that can neutralize the so-called oxygen free radicals, highly active and damaging atoms and chemicals from disease processes, smoking, pollution, radiation, etc.).
3. Eat foods high in antioxidants.
4. Drink tea (using whole green or black tea leaves only).
5. Avoid bad fats (animal fat is toxic to the body).
6. Get omega 3/fish oils.
7. Take brain boosters/supplements.
8. Watch your blood sugar. Minimize sweets.
9. Lose weight. Being overweight can cause strokes, insulin resistance.
10. Take very good care of yourself (adopt a healthy lifestyle-eat right and exercise, minimize alcohol intake).

(Consult your physician first before doing some of these suggestions.)

Mood lifters

Want to lift your spirit? Have these:

Chocolate-A mood raiser which contains antioxidants (the darker, the better). Take two pieces for good measure.

Red wine-Have a daily glass of red wine, which is considered the brain's protector, acting as an anti-inflammatory and boosting good cholesterol or HDL.

A good-mood ritual

Find your most comfortable corner in the house. (People usually have a favorite spot.) With a glass of red wine, face west. If you have a window facing west, better still. Watch the sun set. Sip your wine slowly but not before you drink a toast to the setting sun.

Affirm and say: "I toast to the sun. May it set taking my cares away." Sit back, enjoy the goodness of your drink and mood.

Love and light!

Source: "The Miracle Brain" by: Jean Carper

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