Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday Again

As usual, Mondays are here again.
Beginning of a busy workweek.
Another week of irritation and headache.
Endless encounter of traffic jams and hot heads.
Irritating arguments with inconsiderate superiors.
Rushes to beating deadlines.

Happy banter with colleagues.
Hectic schedules.
Exciting night-outs with friends after work.
Surfing, chatting.

Then, I'll be surprised because
it's Friday again.
Busy Friday but looking forward
to have the week come to an end.
Excited to see the office clock hits 5.
Time to go and hook up.
Dine, drink, chat, laugh.
In short, time to relax and be me.

Saturdays and Sundays are entirely mine.
Having a great time.
Momentarily, forgetting about work,
worries and other problems.
Detaching myself in the sorry ways of reality.

But it's Monday again.
Here, right now, I am sitting down
in front of my computer,
desk scattered with tons of papers,
both hands in the keyboard,
with one hand holding a pen.

If you can only see me now.
Eyes focused in the screen,
with brow creased,
deep in thought.

I need to go.
3rd cup of brewed coffee
and I am still wanting for more.

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