Friday, September 17, 2004

To Ma'am Libay

Hullo again.
I am not sure if I am gonna get used to calling you Libay.
Hehehe. Siempre, lecturer pa rin kita non. Well, I will try. =)

I am wishing you well.
Pinagdaanan ko din yang heartache na ganyan and promise, nakakaloka.
Before I thought I fell in love, sabi ko baliw lang ang babaeng umiiyak sa lalake.
I was wrong coz I am human din pala and that I fell for love;
that once you lose that love which you thought is your whole
life, you'll never be whole, never be the same again.
But Life really has a way of mending our pains and fears.
Together with Time and People, we become to be ourselves again. =)

Cheer up. Enjoy and don't be in a hurry as you used to be.
Sometimes, you need to slow down to see everything.

Yeah, October will be fine.
Do let me know when you are free. =)


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