Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

Well, it was only last year that I started having a number of resolutions for myself. The hardest resolution that I ever had for myself was such aboo-boo. Why? Because it never materialized. It was hard to put such discipline in myself when all the factors that involves it come into play.

Anyway, I will still include that in this year's resolutions.

1 - save for the rainy days (they always say, "keep on trying till you can")
2 - leisure trip in Thailand (this has been a 2-years long delayed plan)
3 - make it my mission to clean the house of unwanted stuff, either throw them away or donate it to someone or a perhaps a group (I am satisfied with myself everytime I do this during the weekends)
4 - make my parents happy (I am starting to make my parents' lives in our new, small house in Cavite a little bit comfortable. Basically, it will defy my #1 resolution but it is okay)
5 – have a final decision if I am really going to resign within the year (I still want to go back to school and I have not saved enough and I am thinking of trying my luck in call centers while taking up my master's degree either in economics, public administration or environmental science/management)

Well, it is still nice to have some resolutions for yourself because there are times that you will actually contemplate executing them for real.


  1. Alone in Thailand? Can I go with you?

  2. john, hindi naman. May mga kasama po, but you can join us if you like =) THe more, the merrier, as they say.

  3. Magkano naman kaya ang damage?

  4. john, wala pa ko estimate eh. pero sabi nila mga 25k daw which is kasama na luho mo dun. sabi naman ng iba, ok na yung16k to 20k. ain't sure, though.


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