Monday, February 7, 2005

Getting Tiresome

It has been more than a week now since I got back from Davao and Cebu. I only realized then that the job I used to love is not for me anymore. It is taking too much strain for me and having a superior who at the least, does not have the same wavelength as I do is not helping the situation. I admit I do regret taking on this job after my predecessor left. It is not what everything used to be. Though I am open to changes, I just cannot find the heart to willingly enjoy everything here. Sometimes, I really wonder if I really live up true to my zodiac sign. Hahay.

Last Friday was the last days of my 2 simultaneous projects. Aside from organizing workshops and seminars, I have to accompany and assist our technical experts in plant audits. I am not an engineer (I wish I was) but in assisting them, I was able to learn the fundamentals. Of course, those weren’t enough.

During the course of our projects, there was one simple problem that came up. Supposedly, a mere phone call and exchange of 1 or 2 documents would have resolved it but it came to a point that both parties got fed up with each other. The root problem was due to lack of communication within one party and guess who were at the losing end? My local counterpart. I wish the foreign nationals here at the office will discuss first among themselves how to deal with the matter to avoid ill representation to the other party. It was not fair at all. Last Friday before leaving the office, Salva and I thought that everything was settled. Come Monday morning, I got an email from her that the case was not close yet. Urgh. Again? Well, I just told her to snap out of it and I will tell them to directly communicate the other side. As representatives, we only represent what was being required of us. We got the facts right, then there would be no problem. The thing is: the ones who were giving us the right to represent them were feeding us the wrong request of requirements. Naturally, the domino effect, if you know what I mean.

More than 2 weeks from now, I will be as busy as a bee again. Buzzing and hustling from and to everywhere and anywhere. This morning, we had a meeting at the Science and Technology Department to discuss about our upcoming project. Supposedly, the expected beneficiary should have attended but because he is a very busy man and the uncooperative (forgive me for being blunt) type, we were not able to polish everything completely. I really appreciate the people from the council we met with. So far, they were very accommodating and really knew by heart what was supposed to be done. My only hope is that this project be successful and that another person from the industry will replace Mr. Uncooperative. The project is beneficial for them but if he is not working with us, how are we supposed to assist them? It always pays that the top management is supportive of everything (what is good for the company, of course) the middle and lower management plan and intend to do. I am hoping that everything will kick off with a good start.

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