Friday, March 4, 2005

Iba-Ibang Isipin

Lunchtime na at di ako kumakain. Bakit kamo? Diet kasi ako. Wehehehe. Seriously, hindi naman. Busog kasi ako. I just had 2 small slices of pizza and 3 pieces of my favorite tuna gratin from Dusit Hotel and 2 cups of black coffee for my once-in-a-blue-moon morning breaks. It has been my habit to dine either breakfast or lunch. Normally, I do not take something for breakfast (except 4 cups of caffeine); that means, I can look forward in having a sumptuous lunch. I had something this morning so no need to eat again for lunch. I am still full.


Since modifying my blogskin, I did not actually have the luxurious time of updating my template. So that is what I am doing everytime I log-in. I kinda like the new skin because it appears very light and friendly to my eyes.


Aside from this personal site, I also started last month 2 new sites which are both being hosted by
Blogger. The first site was actually an offshoot of my Something To Ponder On site hosted by Xanga. I decided to shift it to Blogger because I can easily 'manipulate' the html codes according to my preferences rather than the one being offered by Xanga. Basically, the former title of the site speaks for itself (its content). But I had it re-titled to Reflections. I had the link posted here at the sidebar at the Personal category. So, if any of this site's visitors want a nice read, do check it out. I am sure you are going to like it.

The second site that I am also starting and trying to manage is a consequence of an inherent desire to have a site dedicated to awareness of our environment, specifically on Philippine environs. I am on the lookout of news, articles that talks about the state and conditions, what's hot and new about the Philippine environment. So, I had it titled
Philippine Environment & Bio-Diversity. Please click the link to check out the site. I would very much welcome suggestions of such articles or news from anyone. Such will be posted as entries to the site.


I need to get back to work because I only have an hour to cram on my requirements. Ciao!

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