Sunday, March 6, 2005

Marine Bio-Diversity Conservation

Have you heard about the first-ever Philippine documentation of marine life, esp that of mollusks (oysters, clams, snails) and crustaceans (crabs, shrimps, lobsters) in Panglao Island in Bohol? Called as Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project 2004, this is co-founded by the new oil firm, Total Philippines, Inc.

I laud such efforts in conserving the varied aspects of our environment. Marine biodiversity in the Philippines has gone unnoticed by the government and other groups so this is such a welcoming knowledge for everyone who cares for the environs.

The expedition project report is perceived to assist various agencies internationally to recognize the country's waters' vast, rare and highly-diversified marine life. Furthermore, it will provide an opportunity for the Philippines to show the international scientific community the vast bio-diversity of the country’s eco-systems thereby highlighting its need for conservation and preservation.

It was documented that 74 participants from 90 countries working on the marine biodiversity project discovered 1,200 different species of crabs and shrimps in Panglao.

Unifying efforts to conserve what is still left of our environment is very significant these days. It is not just mere promotion of what is needed to be done but what count the most is the perception plus the action to have it accomplished.


  1. if i may ask, are you a member of the UP Marine Biological Society?

  2. skeet, nope, i am not.
    maybe in the future.
    planning to take my master's degree related to environmental science/management. :)

    are you? :)

  3. Yeah, I read from the Philippine Star a few weeks ago. Interesting article. It was nice to know that our country's marine life is taking hold some of the best marine biologist outside our country and will soon be catalogued in their archives. It goes without saying that there is still yet to discover about the hidden treasures of our beloved Pilipinas.

    Hello ivan! ;)

  4. monica, i am just as exhilarated as you are. it was nice to know that we are getting help from the outside regarding our environmental initiatives. i also hope that other areas will be tapped as well for assistance. :)


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