Sunday, March 6, 2005

This and That

Supposedly, I was to join them in jogging and wallclimbing yesterday but a part of my body was playing this untolerable, painful trick in me. I woke up late and firmly decided that I would just stay home and do what was supposed to be done. I just wish that my medical check-up 2 weeks from now will yield negative results. Darn! Thinking about it gives me the goosebumps.

Staying home was kinda boring but good thing Dex popped in the scene. He brought a half gallon of ice cream (cookies and cream) and a loaf of fresh
Gardenia bread. He also brought some episode copies of my favorite CSI Miami. While watching, we devoured the ice cream and the bread loaf with the tuna spread. Hehehe! So much about wanting to cut our food intake. After running out of CSI stuff, we watched The Jackal that starred the very macho man, Bruce Willis and my chinky-eyes Hollywood all-time crush, Richard Gere.

It was such a happy time that we did not notice that we actually finished the half gallon ice cream and the bread. The same with how fast time passed by. I told Dex to go home because it was kinda late for him to go traipsing in the vicinity. It was a weekend and you know that drunks, drug junkies, holduppers and psychos proliferate the streets at night. I was freaking worried of what the scenario might be and my blasted imagination was not even helping me ease my anxiety. Hahay.


I wonder when will my finances be in the super-ok slate? I have a number of plans of what to do afterwards.

1. Go clothes-shopping in this most-sought 'trendy' store.
2. Buy the most-coveted digital camera from
3. Travel in any of these places:
Thailand, Bohol, Boracay, Ilocos Norte.

Well, so much for saving, breaking my New Year's resolution. *toinkself*

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