Tuesday, April 26, 2005

2003 Nang Muli Akong Naging Taong-Bundok

Year 2003. It was the year that I got involved and be one with the blogging world, pouring out my sentiments about my crazy life online (January 2003); it was the year that a (my) new blogging experience was born (May 2003); it was the year that I acquired my N3650 (May 2003); it was the year that I commemorated my 3rd year of working for the Japanese Government (June 2003). It was also the year when I 'revived' my mountain climbing activity (June 2003).

Let me borrow some photos from
Dex's ATMC site. I joined a climb organized by Dex's group. It was my officemates, Jill & Aimee who encouraged me to join but I was then hesitant because of a lot of things. If I recall it right, one of the reasons was that I wasn't feeling well at all. But I did join and that was where everything started. I did climb and still climbing. Lately, I got issues but I have set a challenge for myself and so it will prevail.

Pico de Loro
Nasugbu, Batangas
June 2003

It was a great year. Two (2) more months to go and it will be two years. Two years of friendships cultivated with the group especially with Chummy, JHerry, Jenard, Richard, JR and of course with Dex. Through the years since then, it was also fun knowing these people: Sir Boy, Kiko, John, Lhen, Roy, Bajoy, Rommel, Carmi, Jay and Dad Arnel. With that, I would like to thank them for the laughter, camaraderie and friendship, whether we are at a mountain's peak or simply throwing punch line jokes at each other over email.


PS. As I said it was a great year. Year 2003 also happened to be the year when I met my someone special!

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